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Quick Cut Xmas Special

BAD LIEUTENANT (Hopscotch) One of Harvey Keitel's finest vehicles stands up stockily but robustly 14 years later. Director Abel Ferrara does not compromise, but it's Harv's movie. What is it with this guy and full-frontal nudity?! No extras.

BOTTOM - THE COMPLETE SERIES (BBC) At last, all three seasons of this often hilarious, always pathetic Ade Edmondson/Rik Mayall team-up can be had for a pittance in a nice slip case. Any male who cannot relate to some aspect of Richard Richard's and Eddie Hitler's stunted psyches is a bare-faced liar. No extras. Extras!! Nod, nod, wink, wank.

CAPOTE (Sony) It's taken a long time for the marvellous Philip Seymour Hoffman to get his name above the film title but it's worth the wait in this excellent and morally complex study of the author and his desperate need to publish. Catherine Keener is fine as Harper Lee and Clifton Collins Jr is extraordinary as the killer. Two complementary commentaries and a handful of docos are the icing.

CARO DIARIO (Hopscotch) Having seen it not too long ago, I only meant to check out the DVD of this delightful cinema diary by Nanni Moretti for its visual qualities but ended up watching the whole thing. If reality TV was as good as this I'd never get time to do anything ... No extras.

DOCTOR WHO - SERIES 2, VOL 5 (BBC) The final appearance of Billie Piper as Rose pulls more emotion out of this ancient franchise than any previous storyline. Whoda thunk it?! Brilliant stuff. No extras.

FRONTLINE - THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (ABC) Bruno Lawrence's final filmic fling informs Season One, but the ensuing two years do not suffer from his demise. Still decidedly relevant. Ask TVNZ. No extras.

THE MISS MARPLES MOVIE COLLECTION (Warners) Your mum will appreciate this set as a Xmas pressie. If she's as old as me ... Margaret Rutherford's knicker-elastic features go places you never thought a face could go and the Ron Goodwin theme tune is one of the greats. Four flicks. No extras.

THE MUNSTERS - COMPLETE SECOND SEASON (Universal) Six discs in the space of one! Thirty-two episodes and a raft of excellent docos! Go on, you know you need it!

SUPERMAN & SUPERMAN II COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS (Warners) Seven discs between 'em and totally worth it for the inclusion of the complete 17 1940s Fleischer cartoons in better nick than ever before and the 1951 Superman and the Mole-Men feature. Extras for Krypton.