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New Year

Stop a moment. Aren't you thrilled to be alive in yet another marvellous year?

Not so long ago this was the future. Remember in primary school

writing each day's date? What's the earliest year you can recall?

I think I can remember writing 1974, but I must have been

pencilling my big dumb daily numbers from 1971.

Closing my eyes, I can almost see the teacher's trim chalk blends

pacing across the blackboard.

Good work. In 2020 will children still be writing on paper?

It's hard to imagine, but 2020 will happen and,

first-world life expectancy being what it is,

you will probably be there. But in what capacity?

The car park is so vast and far away. You, or someone,

will almost certainly have driven and, as usual,

will no doubt wish you had walked.