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New comedy sketch show Radiradirah

There is life after bro'Town.

You can poke fun at pretty much everything, says Oscar Kightley, "except Anzac Day". After all, new comedy sketch show Radiradirah (TV3, Friday, 9.30pm) does feature an animation called Young Adolf, which depicts Hitler as a 14-year-old in an emo band, and a live-action sketch called The Parables of Young Jesus, featuring Jesus and his mates at intermediate school.

Radiradirah comes from the same folks that put together bro'Town: Naked Samoans Kightley, David Fane, Mario Gaoa and Shimpal Lelisi. They've roped in the talents of Madeleine Sami, Taika Waititi, Teuila Blakely, Jemaine Clement, John Leigh, Craig Parker and the legendary John Clarke, who provides the voice of Kevin Kiwi in an animation called Mangrovia.

For Kightley, it's a nice return to his roots, performing in sketches after "doing bro'Town for years and hiding behind voices". The Nakeds performed on stage for many years, but the last time they were on camera was in Sione's Wedding. However, the approach doesn't change, says Kightley: "just make sure it's not stink and it's as enjoyable as possible".

The sketch show has been a challenge for Firehorse Films, too, which was set up specifically to make the animated bro'Town. In the ironic post-Office 21st century, "we've tried to think of a new title for it," says producer Elizabeth Mitchell, "because a sketch show has some kind of cringe that comes with it, but we couldn't. It is a sketch show, but the point of difference is that it has animation."

Mitchell "and all the other parents" are now preparing to launch their baby on the world, although not without trepidation. After a year of making Radiradirah, "you're thinking, 'Oh my God, did we really say that?' Do we really have a teenage Hitler in an emo band?"