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Book award fiction finalists podcast

Listen to our panellists discuss the three shortlisted titles.

You have to wait until August 1 (what's more, the night of August 1) to discover the fiction winner of this year's New Zealand Post Book Awards, but you have to wait just 30 minutes until the end of the podcast below to discover the verdict of me and panellists Graham Beattie (you know, Graham Beattie), Jane Westaway, writer and co-editor of New Zealand Books, and Tilly Lloyd, of Unity Books in Wellington.

No illustration for this post: I wouldn't want to tip you off by focusing on any one of the three finalists: The Trouble with Fire, by Fiona Kidman; Rangatira, by Paula Morris; and From Under the Overcoat, by Sue Orr.

Before we podcasters make our call, we turn the books inside and - yes - out. And I ensure I'm going to be on a table of one at the awards ceremony.

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