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The Young Nats' Ball - a taste of glamour

The prime minister puckers up for the next generation.

Facebook photos of Saturday night's Young Nats Ball - view them in their full splendid glory here - started gaining wide attention this afternoon with the circulation of an image featuring what interepreted as an offensive gesture. That photograph has since been deleted. (Update: Following a conversation with a family member of the young man featured, I've removed the image, and I'm happy to apologise for any distress it might have caused him.)

The album, which has been publicly made available on Facebook, is enthralling. As someone said, it is art.

Go and have a browse; in the meantime, here are a few photographs of the prime minister, in the public interest.

And, by way of contrast (h/t @auchmill), here's what the kids were putting on Facebook (oh, all right, in the Evening Post) after the National Party Ball in 1957: