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How to drink a newspaper

Times Gin, Guardian coffee shops - what might the Listener be?

The famous Times newspaper of London has branched out - into gin.

Roy Greenslade of the Guardian writes:

Each bottle carries an individually-numbered label featuring the royal crest along with The Times's lion resting on juniper branches. And it quotes John Walter, the founder and proprietor of The Times: "A newspaper is like a well-covered table, it should contain something suited to every palate."

The Guardian has had its own similar adventure.

In the middle of 2013, it opened a cafe in hipsterville London, Shoreditch - or, as the press release put it,"#guardiancoffee, a caffeine-infused pop-up destination in the heart of East London's creative technology community at Tech City UK".

If all British newspapers are drinks, I'd say the Daily Mail is cooking sherry, the Telegraph whisky, the Financial Times brandy. The Independent is cider, the Sun and Mirror are lagers. The Express is an old, cheap bottle of white wine left over from your birthday a decade ago.

The Listener? The Herald? Any thoughts?

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