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Quick Bytes: including the year's best and worst tablet computers

Junkers, clunkers and winners.

TAKE YOUR TABLET: If you’re looking for something on which to spend all that Christmas money from Grandma, the Guardian’s technology guys have an end-of-year rundown of the best and worst tablet computers. It’s British-oriented, of course, but not too much:

ART, BOOKS: Despite those fancy tablets and e-readers, rumours of the death of books have been greatly exaggerated, it seems, even if the local industry is in a process of rebuilding. Readers quite like something they can feel and touch, and there are beautiful special editions being produced as this Buzzfeed list of “19 Awesomely Designed Books from 2013 That Prove Print Isn’t Dead”.

THE TRAILER OF THE BOOK OF-THE YET-TO-BE-RELEASED FILM: Publishers are now using book trailers – same as a film trailer, only nerdier – to promote their wares: Russian-American writer Gary Shteyngart appears with James Franco, Rashida Jones and Jonathan Franzen in this trailer for his upcoming memoir Little Failure. Shteyngart also made one for his 2010 book Super Sad True Love Story.

PARTY DOWN: Sober people are annoyingly morally superior, right? They put up with drunk people at parties shouting, declaring their love and making deep and meaningful confessions. And then they drive them home! Here’s an instructional video for the holiday season on what it’s like to be irritatingly sober:

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