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The funniest thing on the internet in 2013

A brilliant, hilariously perceptive breakdown of outrage eating itself on the internet.

Even if you're exhausted by Buzzfeedspeak, the work of Tom Phillips, a British writer for the site and online impressionist par excellence, is essential. Essential.

His sublime "29 stages of a Twitterstorm" wins the Listener Funniest Thing on the Internet 2013 prize - a coveted award with no actual prize and whichI invented 30 seconds ago.

The post picks apart the way rage and meta-rage and all that unfurls itself online. An imagined online retailer is called out for promoting a "Black and White Minstrel Play Set" - and it all proceeds in very familiar and funny fashion.

In BuzzSpeak, if you only read one funny post this year, make it that one.

Phillips can have second prize, too, for his more recent account of the way the apocalypse will be reported. The Guardian front page is a decent guide to the parody at play here ...

And in the spirit of the season, his latest effort is "The 27 stages of Christmas Day on the internet".


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