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September 17, 2016

New research helping doctors understand your ever-changing risk of a heart attack or stroke.


Changes of heart

Donna Chisholm looks at new research helping doctors understand your ever-changing risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The pragmatic Mr Leggett

The would-be mayor of Wellington is a darling of the “Mainstream Labour Party in Exile”. by Guyon Espiner

Hyper-reality queen

A real housewife? Get real. But Gilda Fitzpatrick is nobody’s fool, bloody good fun and not even that scary. by Michele Hewitson

Disturbing reading

A survey reveals we have a crisis on our hands, with adults reading almost no New Zealand fiction. by Elisabeth Easther


Health Is flossing really all that important for oral hygiene? by Nicky Pellegrino

Nutrition Frequent dining out can have harmful consequences. by Jennifer Bowden

Sport A reality check for those dismayed by writer Stephen Jones’ claims. by Paul Thomas

Psychology Protests, psychopathy … all roads lead to Donald Trump. by Marc Wilson

Food The Great Avocado Shortage of 2016 is finally at an end. by Lauraine Jacobs

Wine Some judicious cellaring now will pay dividends. by Michael Cooper

Travel Kerala, India


Nocturnal bloodsuckers for the modern world Dracula has long been the standard-bearer for vampires, but Justin Cronin set out to present them in a more biologically plausible way. by Stephen Jewell

Books Anthony Byrt’s analysis of the New Zealand art scene, plus Tim Wilson’s new novel

Music From Frank Ocean, De La Soul and Hieroglyphic Being

Classical Award-winning young composer Salina Fisher

Opera Sweeney Todd

Film Pete’s Dragon; Nerve



Letters Plus Caption Competition, Quips & Quotes, Life in NZ and 10 Quick Questions

Bulletin from Abroad Cathrin Schaer in Berlin

TV Review Greg Dixon

Back to Black Joanne Black

Politics Jane Clifton

Life Bill Ralston


Diversions & Puzzles

Wordsworth Gabe Atkinson


Television Fiona Rae

Online Fiona Rae

TV Films Fiona Rae

Radio Fiona Rae

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