Radio Week (51)

by Fiona Rae / 31 December, 2005


Radio Live, 6.00am. Martin Bradbury, Willie Jackson and, spanning the divide between commercial and public radio, Jon Bridges (see below) host a look at the 10 biggest local news stories of the year, the biggest sports stories and the top four New Zealand singles. If 6.00am is too early for you, the show repeats at 2.00pm. A similar affair occurs on New Year's Day, when Te Radar, Finlay Macdonald and Damian Christie check out the top 10 international news stories of the year and the biggest hit singles, also at 6.00am, repeating at 2.00pm. Radio Live is nationwide, check for frequencies.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, National Radio, 6.08am. It's nice to know that films of books don't actually turn kids off reading - these days, it's more like, "read the book, saw the film, playing the video game, downloading the ring tone". And now it's "heard the radio play" as well. The last day of the year kicks off with a Focus on the Family production of C S Lewis's most famous book in the Chronicles of Narnia, featuring David Suchet and Paul Scofield in the cast. The story continues tomorrow morning, and National Radio is playing three other books in the series - Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair. The rest of the day comprises two hours of Garrison Keillor's gentle musings, fake commercials and folk-ish music in A Prairie Home Companion at 10.06am and from 12.12pm, Jon Bridges hosts The 3D Radio Show, a compilation of the year's best in music, film and art. Includes panel discussions and interviews. From 7.07pm, Warwick Burke does the honours until 2006.


Artists in Focus, National Radio, 4.06pm. A new four-part series featuring discussions with some of our top creative talent, but instead of studio-bound interviews, the series was recorded in front of live audiences throughout the North Island. Today features singer Helen Medlyn and composers Gillian Whitehead and Jack Body, recorded before the good people of Palmerston North.

MONDAY January 2

Out and About and Across the Ocean with Grant Ogilvie, National Radio, 8.15am. Grant Ogilvie is known as the Wandering Brit at National Radio, which sounds a little bit like an invasive weed. In this series that plays during Summer Report and again in Matinée Idle, Ogilvie invades the Chatham Islands, exploring the wildlife and the people.

Little Mysteries, National Radio, 11.06am (until Thursday). A funny little art deco temple on Union St is something for gridlocked Auckland motorists to ponder as they head into the city for another day on the human exercise wheel. The Higher Thought Temple is just one of the mini-mysteries of Auckland that David Steemson investigates in his new four-part series. The others are the inner-city fresh-water spring Waiariki, the fossilised footprints on Motutapu Island left by Maori who saw the eruption of Rangitoto and the "harbour bed flowers" left in the Waitemata by the explosion.

Music Alive, Concert FM, 8.00pm. The New Zealand String Quartet takes on the Famous Last Words of several composers in this two-part programme, tonight featuring Schubert, Haydn and Shostakovich. The latter two were very different composers separated by more than just 172 years. Haydn was the optimist, his final String Quartet in D Minor an example of a well-rounded life. Shostakovich, however, lived a double life under a hostile regime and his String Quartet No 15, of which all six movements are marked Adagio, is an introspective meditation on mortality.


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