Crossword 905 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 24 December, 2014
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Crossword 905 solution
Crossword 905 solution

I still think it's fair but I knew as I wrote it that 6 down, CABLES, might be a little difficult. With hindsight I realise that making a tricky clue for a word beginning in an unchecked square makes it even trickier. It's a factor that is all too easy to overlook. Add to that the slightly obscure definition, an attempt to indicate bits of electrical wiring, and I might expect further comments.

I look forward to them. Complaints are better than nothing.





 Across Answers and CluesExplanations
Limbs he twisted show a defect (7)Anagram of LIMBS HE
Someone who doesn't take advice is king at present everyone follows (4-3)king = K, at present = NOW, everyone = ALL
Old ones entangled in pasta (7)Anagram of OLD ONES
Let's end messing about and get snuggled together (7)Anagram of LETS END
12Soap opera
Rosa drunkenly embraces a church leader in Shortland Street (4,5)Anagram of ROSA containing a church leader = A POPE
Sail vaguely east to make passage (5)Anagram of SAIL + east = E
More grubby? Put it back in, even more dreadful (7)it back = TI, even more dreadful = DIRER
Joins the Salvation Army perhaps lest sin run free (7)Anagram of LEST SIN
Plants used in athletic activities (5)Hidden word
Ambush swine around mid-morning with the usual fancy paraphernalia (9)Ambush = TRAP, swine = PIGS, midmorning = N
Come out as English with great social status before the Maori (7)English = E, great social status = MANA, the Maori = TE
Worried sick, becoming more talkative (7)Anagram of WORRIED
Put us in to pay out and hang up (7)US inside SPEND
Telephone a contemptible person for money in KL (7)Telephone = RING, contemptible person = GIT.
 Down Answers and CluesExplanations
I broaden out with a sophisticated, cheerful charm (8)Anagram of I BROADEN
Use a hoe in place of money (4)Double definition
Caught with unreasonable speed avoiding sex (6)Caught = C, unreasonable speed = HASTE
Risk acne anomalously from using cosmetics (8)Anagram of RISK ACNE
Old cops mistakenly take reversing law to be nonsense (10)Anagram of OLD COPS including WAL
Powerful conductors endlessly waiting for taxis (6)waiting for taxis = CABLESS, endlessly = deletion indicator
Finish up in vessel with Joy (8)Finish = END, up = reversal indicator, vessel = GLASS
Orchestras forbid hollow drums (5)forbid = BAN, hollow drums = DS
Sprang up strangely invigorated after victor is withdrawn (10)Anagram of INVIGORATED minus V
Drop off work for the presser? (8)Cryptic definition, remove creases
The remade car tires are badly serrated (8)Anagram of SERRATED
18San Diego
Diagnose madness in southern California (3,5)Anagram of DIAGNOSE
Elegant steamship stuck in sticky sediment (6)steamship = SS, sticky sediment = CLAY
22At work
Couple in old lifeboat getting on with the job (2,4)TWO inside ARK
A disappointing catch for the angler in strange parts (5)Anagram of PARTS
Downright offensive military position (4)Double definition.


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