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Rare photos of the Straitjacket Fits by Brian Murphy

Unseen images of the Straitjacket Fits capture a moment in NZ music history.

This Straitjacket Fits concert was photographed somewhere in NZ between 1990-91. Pictured are Shayne Carter, John Collie, the late David Wood, and Andrew Brough. The Fits are one of New Zealand's most mythic bands, busiest between the years 1986–1994.

They were made up of the surviving members of The DoubleHappys, a Dunedin band comprised of Carter, Wayne Elsey and Collie. After Elsey was killed in a train accident, Carter and Collie joined Wood in 1986 to form Straitjacket Fits. Brough joined the following year.

This performance was captured by Auckland amateur photographer Brian Murphy, and these images have never been published before. Murphy is, in the words of Russell Brown, that "guy who carried a camera everywhere, capturing his musician and artist friends as they performed, practised and partied. Most of the pictures were never printed, let alone published. But several years ago, he returned to what has proven to be a remarkable archive."

Find out more about Brian Murphy at Audioculture.

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