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Best of the web: April 23, 2016

Featuring PBS Digital Studio's Frankenstein MD, Anthony Bourdain and War & Peace.

Frankenstein MD.
Frankenstein MD.

BECAUSE SCIENCE: How did we not know that PBS ­Digital Studios has a collection of art and science videos? Perfect for the school holidays or even the classroom. There’s a ton of channels, including Crash Course (quick explanations); Gross Science (you get the idea); and our favourite, Frankenstein MD, a web series done in a Lizzie Bennet Diaries style, starring a young “Victoria Frankenstein”.

BESPOKE BOURDAIN: Beloved chef Anthony Bourdain makes pretty good TV programmes, but he recently branched out onto the web with “branded” series Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain. The series is sponsored by a Scottish whisky distillery and follows Bourdain as he visits various people who make handcrafted items, such as a saxophone designer in New Orleans and a couple in Syracuse ­producing hand-made skillets in an environmentally responsible way.

SVOD HIGHLIGHT: What’s good in subscription video on demand. The lavish BBC adaptation of War & Peace, starring Lily James, Paul Dano and James Norton, is available on Lightbox. Adapted by Andrew Davies, it’s so gorgeous the Guardian claimed it “makes Downton Abbey look like am dram”.

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