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Best of the web: August 6, 2016

The Rio Olympics has a samba-style official theme song (and it's way better than London's). Plus The Boy with Tape on His Face wows America's Got Talent judges again.

Judge Howie Mandel and Sam Wills.
Judge Howie Mandel and Sam Wills.

GODS OF OLYMPUS: Sure, there are a lot of stories about everything that’s wrong with the Rio Olympics, from the state of the team accommodation to the pollution in the water. Our guess is that none of it will matter once the events begin, and besides, there’s a laid-back samba-style official theme song to hum. It’s called The Gods of Olympus Visit Rio de Janeiro and it’s way better than that terrible Muse song from the London Games. The musical country has also named its official Rio mascots after musicians Vinícius de Moraes and Tom Jobim and together they represent Brazilian flora and fauna.

TAPE TWO: Kiwi comedian Sam Wills, aka The Boy with Tape on His Face, has wowed the judges of America’s Got Talent once again and made it through to the top 36. In his second audition, Wills – known in the US as Tape Face – pulled judge Howie Mandel on to the stage for a little fun with tape and an envelope. Wills will now appear in one of the three quarterfinals. Here’s that second audition.

SVOD HIGHLIGHT: What’s good in subscription video on demand. Chelsea Handler’s interview series on Netflix, simply called Chelsea, is well under way, and she has had the good taste to interview our own David Farrier, who has been busy in the US promoting his documentary of weirdness, Tickled. “Everyone in my office is into it,” Handler says.

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