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Best of the web: July 9, 2016

The new Terry Teo and behind the scenes of Westside with Radio Live’s Graham Hill.

Terry Teo.
Terry Teo.

TERRY TEO 1.0: The new Terry Teo (see Tuesday) might be a bit grittier than the 1980s version, but there are some fun similarities if you care to compare and contrast. The full six episodes of the series, starring Adrian Bell, Billy T James, Michael Bentine, Sean Duffy and, ah, Robert Muldoon, are available at NZ On Screen.

WEST IS BEST: Another series looking towards the past is, of course, Westside, which now has its own official podcast on SoundCloud. Westside Stories is presented by Radio Live’s Graham Hill, who gets in various cast and crew for a behind-the-scenes dissection. Hill meets the women behind the makeup, hair and costumes in episode three.

SVOD HIGHLIGHT: What’s good in subscription video on demand. Need a winter binge-watch? Season four of the amazing Orange Is the New Black is available on Netflix: new and terrible things include overcrowding in the prison and the treatment of transgender character Sophia (Laverne Cox). Winter is also ameliorated by cyber-thriller and nerd favourite Mr Robot, starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater. Season two appears on Lightbox from July 14.

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