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The Choice: A story about love and a rather big lie

A tale about love and a rather big lie from The Lip, a podcast about unforgettable true New Zealand stories.

Averill Richardson was 18 years old when she gave birth to her daughter Angie in the 1960s.

Averill had grown up in a conservative family; sex wasn't talked about and glory boxes were still a thing.

But she was cut from a different cloth to her siblings.

“There were two rules going down. It was okay for boys to sow their seeds but young women were supposed to be the epitome of the Virgin Mary.”

Before Angie was born, Averill had been faced with a choice: give her baby away to strangers, or keep the baby – but never, ever tell her who her real father was.

Averill made her choice. Sixteen years later, it came back to haunt her.

Listen to the full episode from the podcast series The Lip by journalist Megan McChesney: