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NOTED Live presents: A Night of Crime

NOTED Live, together with NZ Listener and North & South, presents an event you won't want to miss.

Join NOTED Live on August 1 to learn about the stories and secrets behind New Zealand's most controversial murder cases.

Hosted by award-winning crime writer Mike White, hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the cases of Mark Lundy, Scott Guy, David Bain, Teina Pora, David Tamihere and more. 

You will hear from Dr Anna Sandiford, who’s been a forensic scientist for more than 20 years and runs New Zealand’s only independent forensic science consultancy. She’s given evidence in criminal courts on hundreds of occasions, including some of the country’s highest profile cases, such as the 2009 retrial of David Bain, the 2015 Mark Lundy retrial and the investigation into Teina Pora’s wrongful conviction for the 1994 murder of Susan Burdett. She’s “written the book” for police, lawyers and expert witnesses: the second edition of her Forensic Science and the Law (Thomson Reuters) comes out later this year.

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Professor Devon Polaschek is a clinical psychologist with more than two decades’ experience working with some of the country’s most deviant criminals. It’s a career that’s led to her current role as joint director of the New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science at the University of Waikato – and also earned her a MNZM in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to criminal psychology. We’re fascinated by psychopaths like Ted Bundy and Charles Manson; so is Polaschek. The difference is she can spot psychopathic behaviour, which she explains is both more interesting and more ordinary than we think it is.

The third member of the panel is Tim McKinnel, former police detective, current director of investigation firm Zavest – and tireless advocate for the wrongly convicted. McKinnel led the investigation that went to the Privy Council and finally quashed Teina Pora’s rape and murder convictions. He’s now working with legal teams on appeals for Gail Maney and Alan Hall, both convicted of murder in the 1980s.

North & South’s senior writer Mike White will quiz the panel, bringing to the discussion his own in-depth knowledge from covering these cases over the years.

Purchase tickets here.

Tickets $49, including drinks and nibbles.

7.30pm, August 1 2019, at Auckland University of Technology, Sir Reeves Building, WG Building, 2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland.