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In this week's Listener – July 6, 2019

July 6, 2019

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Out on a limb?

Shane Jones’ megaphone diplomacy in the cause of his One Billion Trees Programme has run smack into the still-controversial decision to rely heavily on carbon-sink forests to mitigate the country’s greenhouse-gas emissions. by Jane Clifton

The meaning of trees

Our native forests provide food and natural medicines, support jobs, hinder erosion and play a major role in climate-change mitigation. by Sally Blundell

Autocrat v Democrats

With polling showing President Donald Trump’s approval rating significantly below his disapproval rating in three key states, he will have his work cut out as he starts his bid for re-election. by Paul Thomas

A mission in life

As the Government spends millions reforming the criminal justice system, a former inmate says crime would be reduced if we taught our children emotional literacy. by Clare de Lore

This Life

Health “Safe-sleep” plastic sleeping boxes or woven flax bassinets are key to cutting infant death rates. by Ruth Nichol

Nutrition Drugs used to reduce the risk of blood clots can react with supplements, some foods and other medicines. by Jennifer Bowden

Food A small Blenheim company has made a sustainable business out of keeping the country’s wild-animal numbers down and its customers happy. by Lauraine Jacobs

Wine A top seller in Australia, Catalina Sounds should be better known here. by Michael Cooper

Psychology Chronic nightmares don’t just disrupt sleep, they can also create a vicious cycle of other problems. by Marc Wilson

Technology The hearing- and visually impaired can only dream about the technology that’s passing them by. by Peter Griffin

Sport Attempts to stop a Hawke’s Bay girl playing in a rugby team with boys are ill-informed and embarrassing. by Paul Thomas

Books & Culture

In love and sorrow Soon to speak in New Zealand, Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy discusses her complex relationship with her native India with Sally Blundell.

Books By Deborah Moggach and Thomas Harris, a history of Faber & Faber and a roundup of contemporary fiction

Classical A revamped NZTrio on tour

Music From Bob Dylan

Film An interview with Parasite director Bong Joon-ho and a review of his movie



Letters Plus Caption Competition, Quips & Quotes, Life in NZ and 10 Quick Questions

Bulletin from Abroad Andrew Anthony in London

Back to Black Joanne Black

Life Bill Ralston

Politics Jane Clifton

The Good Life Michele Hewitson


Diversions & Puzzles

Wordsworth Gabe Atkinson

That’s Entertainment

Television Fiona Rae

TV Films Fiona Rae

TV Review Diana Wichtel

Radio Fiona Rae

TV programmes

Radio programmes