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Watch: Controversial politician Fraser Anning blasted by Australia's Senate

Fraser Anning was condemned in the Australian Senate for his comments about the Christchurch terror attack.

Queensland MP Fraser Anning has been blasted for comments he made suggesting Muslim people immigrating were to blame for the Christchurch mosque shooting.

The Australian Senate passed a motion to formally censure Anning, who remained defiant as many of his colleagues aired their criticisms.

Labor's Penny Wong, leader of the opposition, said the senator blamed the victims and sought to fan the flames of division for political gain. 

"...A shameful and pathetic attempt by a bloke who's never been elected to get attention... he does not represent Australian values."

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New South Wales Senator Mehreen Faruqi called for his resignation.

"Senator Anning, you are an absolute disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself and you should resign."

She referenced an online petition calling for his resignation that now has 1.4 million signatures.

Watch more from the Senate:

Senator for Victoria, Derryn Hinch, said Anning besmirched Parliament and should be ashamed of himself. 

"I hope you're soon gone."

South Australian Senator Stirling Griff said it was time for politicians to remember what they say matters, pointing out instances of politicians linking crimes to race.

"With our words we can either reject hate or give it refuge."

Anning gained more notoriety when a teenager smashed an egg on his head over the comments.

Despite the numbers of people calling for his removal from the Senate, it can't remove him unless he is convicted of a crime or ruled ineligible.

Video: Parliament of Australia

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