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What's inside North & South's September 2019 issue?

What's inside North & South's September issue?

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Cover story: Under pressure
By Donna Chisholm

Stress in the workplace is not only hobbling productivity, it’s also seeping into our personal lives in a potentially dangerous way.

Party tricks
By Noel O’hare

Psychics are moving into the wellness industry and it’s posing a risk to everyone’s health.

World cup fever
By Jeremy Taylor

An oval-ball obsessive weighs in on Rugby World Cups past – and imminent.

Back to school
By Stacey Anyan

What’s it like – being back in front of a classroom of five-year-olds after 14 years away from teaching?

River monster
By Talia Marshall

A daughter finds her way through troubled waters, back to her father.

Social Studies
Margo White looks at gender-bending brain science. 

Bevan Rapson on protest power. 

Nerd Nation
You can and should do maths, argues Jenny Nicholls.

Michelle Langstone heads into the jungle. 

Requests denied and delayed.

The pros and cons of mass tourism. 

The best of what’s on in September. 

Fast Forward
Motorsport racer Chelsea Herbert is a V8 circuit star. 

Rising in the East
A coming-of-age arts festival for the East Coast. 

Night Raiders
It takes a village to save grey-faced petrels on the Raglan coast. 

The Wright Stuff
A Christchurch home gallery celebrates the golden age of film in posters. 

Family Ties
Morality and a healthy sense of the absurd shaped family life for Jim and Natalie Flynn. 

Phil Gifford on posthumous releases from J.J. Cale and Prince. 

New Zealand Books
New portrayals of James Cook and Rewi Alley, and more. 

International Books
Fiction/real-life thrillers from Kate Atkinson and Michael Wolff; practical/meditative guides to Japan.

Film & Television
A rocket (Apollo 11), a Rocketman and a tribute to Herbs.

Michael Cooper’s bunch of winners for spring drinking. 

A Gisborne fishing dynasty looks to the future. 

Bevan Rapson makes the most of an empty-nesters’ skiing holiday in Wānaka. 

Graeme Wilson’s crosswords. 

High Heels & Gumboots
Rebecca Hayter swaps city life for 10 acres in Golden Bay.

Last Words
Nostalgia and word play with Paul Little.