Four new Auckland food spots

by Kate Richards / 07 December, 2017

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Naughty and nice

New cafe Greenwoods serves healthy bites and indulgent treats

There is a central, circle-shaped barista station at this new Epsom cafe – situated away from the main counter and cabinet – because owners Charles Belcher and Raphael Pepin really care about giving their customers the best coffee experience. “We’ve been working with Coffee Supreme for years now,” beams Pepin proudly. At their newest venture (they also own Corner Burger and Onehunga Cafe), even their coming-soon cocktail menu will favour coffee-based drinks (featuring ‘spress martinis, natch). Food is healthy-ish and mostly vegetarian with the option to add meat, rather than the other way around. The pair are looking to offer a slightly different experience than at a standard cafe and hope their Japanese soufflé pancakes (pictured) are a sweet, fluffy surprise.

17 Pah Rd, Epsom

Easy and breezy

Domain Eatery is a new resident out west

The sunny yellow signage and waiters’ aprons at this recently opened Henderson cafe are inviting, the fitout is airy and the service as friendly as the optimistic livery would suggest. A shortish breakfast and lunch menu has a Pacific slant and features non-traditional cafe dishes: summery, coconutty ota (raw fish, above right), and slow-cooked pisupo (corned beef). A bee-friendly herb garden, now lush with basil, nasturtiums and Italian parsley, provides the kitchen with garnishes for salads and other dishes, and there is space for kids to run around outside.

Unit A5, 35 Keeling Rd, Henderson

Welcome the little guys

Pirie’s Butchery opens in Mount Eden

Phill Pirie (above left) has competed in – and won – several butchery competitions, and has the silver trophies proudly on display in his new shop to prove it. The trophies are there to make a point: that Pirie cares, about meat, his staff, the industry and, most importantly, his customers. Pop in for some sausages and leave with a cut you never knew you needed plus a recipe for cooking it, which might be handwritten on the bag by his wife Chris Haturini (above right).

701 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden

Yes, fried chicken, again...

Fryday, a new Taiwanese-style fried chicken eatery

At this modern new addition to Dominion Road, Rounny Lin and her friends are serving the kind of stodge your hangover dreams are made of: XL Taiwanese-style fried chicken thighs marinated in secret herbs and spices; pillowy filled bao with sauces and crunchy veges; and deep-fried snacks on sticks, the novelty of which isn’t lost on us.

 466 Dominion Rd, Balmoral


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