Fried chicken joint Electric Chicken pops up at Mercury Plaza

by Kate Richards / 18 May, 2018

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A new lunchtime greasy spoon pop-up opens in Auckland's favourite food court.

Matt Fitzgerald, co-owner of Madame George, is broke. He’s spent all his money on chicken; brining, soaking, coating and frying it in every way imaginable – with help from his flatmate and chief taste-tester (and Blue Breeze Inn executive chef) Che Barrington – for a new chicken-themed pop-up he’s launching in an abandoned stall at Mercury Plaza. It’s called Electric Chicken and despite the fact it’s only going to offer two dishes – a free-range fried chicken sandwich, and fries with gravy – it’s taken months of work to be ready enough to open.

So what’s the best way to fry chicken? Fitzgerald definitely won’t tell you, but says he’s experimented with teas, vinegars, fish sauce, sous vide machines, poaching, buttermilk and plenty else besides to reach what he believes to be the optimum fried chicken.

“It’s somewhere between an Asian and American style,” he says, gleefully smug. The hero dish at Electric Chicken will comprise the aforementioned chicken in an Il Forno-made potato bun with iceberg lettuce, gherkins – brand to be confirmed – and Fitzgerald’s signature sauce. “Electric sauce!” he beams.

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You’ll get no chip advice here either, only that crinkle cut is best. And Fitzgerald hasn’t quite decided whether his chips be served with both chicken salt and gravy, or just gravy. Or the gravy on the side? It’s all up in the air.  Determined to make his own chips, Fitzgerald had at one stage even bought a crinkle cutter, but later decided it’d be best to leave the chips to the experts, so he’ll order them in.

A ‘bahgawk burger,’ named, if you hadn’t already worked it out, after the sound a chicken makes, will set you back $9 and fries $5 – quite the lunchtime deal. Grab a fun bottled drink from New Gum Sarn supermarket next door to wash it all down
Electric Chicken opens for lunch from Wednesday, May 23.
Wed-Sun lunch only. 12pm-2.30pm 

Mercury Plaza
23-31 Mercury Lane
Karangahape Rd District

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