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Switching things up: Plant milks for your coffee

In association with Vitasoy

Baristas around New Zealand are seeing a rise in customers requesting plant milks such as soy and almond milk.
Thinking about changing up the milk you use in coffee? You’re not alone. The number of people opting for soy and almond milk is on the rise.

An estimated one in 10 coffees sold at cafes are made with soy milk according to recent research over in Australia, and Kiwi baristas here are also reporting more requests for plant milks.

The reasons for switching to plant milks are varied. For some, plant milks provide an opportunity to experiment with how their coffees taste.

So what’s makes a good alternative milk for your morning caffeine hit? We talked to a local barista about the changes he and his colleagues are seeing in coffee habits and which blends work well for those trying out plant milks.

Dan Webster of Hamilton’s Grey St Kitchen has been in the coffee business for around a decade and has seen significant changes in the habits of customers.

“Soy became big around two to three years ago and is still the favourite [among plant milks] although almond milk is definitely growing in popularity.”

He reckons the best soy and almond milk coffees need to have bold coffee blends to cut through the milk flavours.

Grey St Kitchen uses two blends, their “chocolately” house blend and a single origin blend which is more “fruity and vibrant”. The two blends work really well with soy and almond milk, says Webster who adds that, “almond milk steams better.”

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Responding to this rise in requests for plant milk coffees at cafes, the soy experts Vitasoy have developed soy and almond milk products especially for barista-made coffee.

The milks have been trialled and tested by baristas to give the optimum balance between soy, almond and coffee flavours.

Both the almond and soy milks are made from whole almonds and soybeans, respectively, not pastes or soy isolates.

And best of all, both the almond and soy milks are completely vegan friendly, and made from non-genetically modified ingredients.

For more information check out Vitasoy.