Crossword 1047 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 02 October, 2017

 Across  Answers and Clues Explanations
1 Greased  
  King George relieved to be lubricated (7) King George = GR (George Rex), relieved = EASED
5 Corsair  
  Buccaneer with an uncouth manner reportedly (7) Homophone: coarse = uncouth, air = manner
9 Whitebait  
  Henry and I get a bit wet running around for small fry (9) Henry = H + I inside anagram of A BIT WET
10 Sates  
  The Maori in the commandos eats to complete satisfaction (5) The Maori = TE, commandos = SAS
11 On top of the world  
  The Arctic regions are feeling great (2,3,2,3,5) Double definition
12 Grieved  
  The first lady to be trapped in network of power felt sorry (7) The first lady = EVE, network of power = GRID
14 Replace  
  Make good agent spike a drink (7) agent = REP, spike a drink = LACE
16 Lucerne  
  Filthy lucre made by direction somewhere in Switzerland (7) Anagram of LUCRE, direction = N
18 Clothes  
  Put his head in messy closet for some gear (7) his head = H inside anagram of CLOSET
20 Market gardening  
  Get a nerd involved in assessing schoolwork and collecting money for the greens (6,9) Anagram of GET A NERD inside MARKING
23 Swept  
  Welsh leader within a month wielded a new broom (5) Welsh leader = W, a month = SEPT
24 Gladstone  
  Agent sold out the British PM more than once (9) Anagram of AGENT SOLD
25 Matured  
  Full-blown crazy about true mistake (7) crazy = MAD including anagram of TRUE
26 Torment.  
  Chaps have to jog back outside in agony (7) Chaps = MEN, jog = TROT, back = reversal indicator.
 Down  Answers and Clues Explanations
1 Go wrong  
  Using grog ? now drunk ? stray from the path of righteousness (2,5) Anagram of GROG NOW
2 Evict  
  Bundle out English with six caught kind of square (5) English = E, six = VI, caught = C, kind of square = T
3 Sleepover  
  Peels, according to a cryptic setter, to stay the night (9) Reference to "over" as a reversal indicator
4 Dwarfed  
  Crazy Edward, eating noisily, is overshadowed (7) Anagram of EDWARD including F (noisily/loudly)
5 Catcher  
  Trap domestic pet, dear in France (7) domestic pet = CAT, dear in France = CHER
6 Resow  
  Bridge players in racket broadcast again (5) Bridge players = ES, racket = ROW
7 Aftermath  
  The upshot following calculating lessons in America (9) following = AFTER, calculating lessons in America = MATH
8 Residue  
  The leftovers stay around university (7) stay = RESIDE, university = U
13 Incorrect  
  Incorporated briefly or ruined audibly? Wrong! (9) Incorporated briefly = INC + O + ruined audiibly = homophone for wrecked
15 Professor  
  She might well have a chair redesigned for posers (9) anagram of FOR POSERS
16 Lump sum  
  The one payment you get for a pineapple sweet? (4,3) Double definition
17 Engaged  
  Busy with your fianc? (7) Double definition
18 Currant  
  Fruit makes mutt mouth off (7) mutt = CUR, mouth off = RANT
19 Segment  
  A division of, for instance, chess pieces held by exemplary man (7) for instance = EG, chess pieces = MEN, exemplary man = ST
21 Eater  
  One welcomed by chef ventre ? terre to some extent (5) Hidden word
22 In one.  
  The sort of hole swingers desire in combination (2,3) Double definition.


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