Crossword 1067 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 01 March, 2018

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6 SAMURAI A rum is a mistake for a noble warrior (7) 
Anagram of A RUM IS A
7 OFFBEAT Not working, being bushed and rather quirky (7) 
Not working = OFF, bushed = BEAT
10 THROW Worth making a pitch (5) 
Anagram of WORTH
11 ESCALATOR A way to get up for a rider on foot (9) 
Cryptic definition
12 EVADERS Adverse treatment for those who dodge (7) 
Anagram of ADVERSE
14 ATHENA Greek goddess consequently inside driving organisation (6) 
consequently = THEN, driving organisation = AA
16 BEYOND THE PALE Telephoned by a mongrel? It's not acceptable around here (6,3,4) 
20 THIRTY The age when you get three kisses from a Latin lover? (6) 
Reference to Roman number XXX
21 KINDRED Related child embraces naughty nerd (7) 
child = KID around anagram of NERD
24 NURSEMAID Nanny is unarmed? Not properly (9) 
Anagram of IS UNARMED
25 CASTE Shy English revealing their social class (5) 
Shy = CAST (throw as in cast the first stone), English = E
27 SETS OFF TV is out of action as lead's out I hear (4,3) 
Double definition
28 WROUGHT Made a loud racket (7) 
Homophone for RORT


1 EMIR Printer's measure used by inland revenue for a ruler (4) 
Printer's measure = EM, inland revenue = IR
2 BROWSE Graze forehead on spade when disheartened (6) 
forehead = BROW, spade disheartened = SE
3 RIVERSIDE Some drivers' ideal bank (9) 
Hidden word
4 PORCH Cash crop turnover provides a roof over one's head but not much in the way of walls (5) 
Hidden word backwards
5 BEST SELLER Popular book reveals where the most superior wine is kept for the Listener (4,6) 
Homophone for BEST CELLAR
6 SETTER Winding street, one with several doglegs (6) 
Anagram of STREET
8 FELT TIP                         Lift pet out from a sort of pen (4,3) 
Anagram of LIFT PET
9 THREAT The rat reissued a warning (6) 
Anagram of THE RAT
13 AMELIORATE Maori tale adapted by English to make it better (10) 
Anagram of MAORI TALE + English = E
15 SHAKEDOWN                  Test run for a scheme of extortion (9) 
Double definition
17 ON THE GO Very active and hot, gone wrong (2,3,2) 
Anagram of HOT GONE
18 STANDS Puts up with stalls (6) 
Double definition
19 IDLEST Listed at sea so got the least work (6) 
Anagram of LISTED
22 NACHOS Note tin has turned up with tortilla chips (6) 
Note = SOH, tin = CAN, turned up = reversal indicator
23 GAFFE Cooking giraffes? No sir, that would be a social blunder (5) 
Anagram of GIRAFFES minus letters in SIR
26  SIGH A sound of relief doesn't make complete sense in my eyes (4) 
sense in my eyes = SIGHT


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