Crossword 1068 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 05 March, 2018

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1 WHANAU Cowhand, having lost cash on delivery, gets gold for the whole family (6) 
COD ("cash on delivery") deleted from Cowhand to leave WHAN + gold = AU
4 ASTEROID It's a small world with a sex hormone (8) 
A + sex hormone = STEROID
9 ROCKET A vegetable that can get you high in a hurry? (6) 
Double definition
10 ALLOCATE Local ate salad ration (8) 
Anagram of LOCAL ATE
11 RAIN DANCE An attempt to break the drought using tap perhaps? (4,5) 
Cryptic definition alluding to tap dancing
13 ICING Some basic ingredients for the topping (5) 
Hidden word
14 BONGO DRUM Good for a Parisian idol, Caribbean spirit is instrumental to a slapper (5,4) 
Good for a Parisian = BON, idol = GOD, Caribbean spirit = RUM
16 NAYS Those against any dancing on Sunday (4) 
Anagram of ANY + Sunday = S
18 SMUT Pornography must upset (4) 
Anagram of MUST
20 INDOLENCE Laziness is on decline unexpectedly (9) 
Anagram of ON DECLINE
23 ULTRA Part of a dreadful travesty far beyond the norm (5) 
Hidden word
24 GALVANISE A Svengali contrived to use shock treatment (9) 
Anagram of A SVENGALI
26 GRANDSON Descendant makes thousands working (8) 
thousands = GRANDS, working = ON
27 CIPHER I perch awkwardly to write cryptically (6) 
Anagram of I PERCH
28 THEORIES The fellow is taken in by conservatives and their ideas (8) 
The fellow = HE inside conservatives = TORIES
29 NEURAL Unreal rendering of the nervous system (6) 
Anagram of UNREAL
1 WARDROBE Cabinet bored with changes after hostilities (8) 
Anagram of BORED after WAR ("hostilities")
2 AUCTION Union leader involved in proceedings made a sale (7) 
Union leader = U, proceedings = ACTION
3 AHEAD Leading by rather more than a nose (5) 
Double definition
5 SILVER MEDAL Evidence of being good but not the best reveals mild disorder (6,5) 
6 EMOTIONAL Excited having drunk Milo at one (9) 
Anagram of MILO AT ONE
7 OPACITY I copy it by carelessly, providing no transparency (7) 
Anagram of I COPY IT
8 DREDGE Medical advisor with a slight competitive advantage is to drag bottom (6) 
Medical advisor = DR, a slight compotitive advantage = EDGE
12 NURSING HOME He's mourning by mistake in place of health care (7,4) 
15 OUTLANDER Forbidden airport arrival is an alien (9) 
Forbidden = OUT, airport arrival = LANDER
17 CEREBRAL Intellectual puts half of brew in breakfast food (8) 
Half of brew = BR inside breakfast food = CEREAL
19 METHANE He meant to change the gas (7) 
Anagram of HE MEANT
21 NEITHER Not this and not that but you'll get it … in three moves (7) 
Anagram of IN THREE
22 NUGGET Crackpot eats up egg in a lump (6) 
Crackpot = NUT, up egg = GGE
25 ALIKE A thumbs-up on Facebook is similar (5) 
Double definition


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