Crossword 1072 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 03 April, 2018

1 TASKED Team leader requested and was given a mission (6) 
Team leader = T. requested = ASKED
4 CONVERSE Talk as opposed to poetry (8) 
opposed to = CON, poetry = VERSE
10 IN EARNEST Tanneries managed seriously (2,7) 
Anagram of TANNERIES
11 CHICO This Marx is elegant and stylish with nothing on (5) 
elegant and stylish = CHIC, nothing = O
12 UTTER Remove the top from some dairy produce, say (5) 
some dairy produce = BUTTER
13 DECALOGUE Cue age-old rendition of the commandments (9) 
Anagram of CUE OLD AGE
14 ATHLETE Runner makes mess of the tale (7) 
Anagram of THE TALE
16 LLAMA The morning everybody returned for a beast (5) 
The morning = AM, everybody = ALL, returned = reversal indicator
19 PRISM It is terribly refined taking Sunday for a light bender (5) 
terribly refined = PRIM, Sunday = S
21 SCEPTIC Doubtful character infected about 100 (7) 
infected = SEPTIC, 100 = C
23 FICTIONAL Cooking oil, in fact, is fabricated (9) 
Anagram of OIL IN FACT
25 VENOM Some have no misgivings revealing malice (5) 
Hidden word
26 SAUNA Poles grab gold with a steamy hot rock arrangement (5) 
Poles = S and N, gold = AU + A
27 CON ARTIST Actor isn't playing a fraudster (3,6) 
Anagram of ACTOR ISNT
28 TENDERER He offers to be more sensitive (8) 
Double definition
29 KEENER The mourner wailing is more enthusiastic (6) 
Double definition
1 TRIBUNAL The judges in brutal break-out (8) 
Anagram of IN BRUTAL
2 SWEATSHOP A pet shows distressingly where workers are ill-used (9) 
Anagram of A PET SHOWS
3 ERROR Brat is decapitated by mistake (5) 
5 OPTICAL Topical production of a light nature (7) 
Anagram of TOPICAL
6 VACILLATE Remain undecided as everybody comes back in new active arrangement (9) 
everybody = ALL, comes back = reversal indicator, inside anagram of ACTIVE
7 RUING Repenting for having to devastate German capital (5) 
devastate = RUIN, German capital = G
8 EMOTED Turned over hefty book on erectile dysfunction then made an excessive show of the joys and sorrows (6) 
Turned over = reversal indicator, hefty book = TOME. erectile dysfunction = ED
9 PEDDLE Hawk rises in airfield departure (6) 
Hidden word backwards
15 ELIMINATE Exclude man I managed to get into the aristocracy (9) 
Anagram of MAN I inside ELITE
17 ATTENTION Care causes a certain amount of stress I hear (9) 
Homophone: sounds like A TENSION
18 SCIMITAR A sword I am plunging into pathetic racist (8) 
I am = IM inside anagram of RACIST
20 MANACLE Bloke with lace fashioned to show restraint (7) 
Bloke = MAN + anagram of LACE
21 SALINE Like seawater: with seal in swimming around (6) 
Anagram of SEAL IN
22 OFFSET Make up away from the movie location (6) 
Double definition
24 CHURN Central Manchurian national is an agitator (5) 
Central Manchuriran = CHUR, national = N
25 VERVE Against ever changing an energetic style (5) 
Against = V + anagram of EVER


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