Crossword 1073 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 09 April, 2018

1 RAVISH It's reckless grabbing six to assault sexually (6) 
reckless = RASH, six = VI
4 LAUGHS What a good joker gets to fall behind around university and high school (6) 
fall behind = LAG containing U ("university") and high school ("HS")
9 INKS Does tattoos damaging skin (4) 
Anagram of SKIN
10 PROVENANCE The source of sodium in part of France (10) 
sodium = NA insde PROVENCE
11 VERGE Some raver gets some grass on the side (5) 
Hidden word
12 TRUNDLER Trolley returned broken, end of handle missing, left inside (8) 
Anagram of RETURNED minus E ("end of handle") including L ("left")
13 PREDATORY Portrayed misleadingly as rapacious (9) 
Anagram of PORTRAYED
15 CLAD Wearing an outfit some 150 years after the first Christmas (4) 
150 = CL, after the first Christmas = AD
16 PRAT Fool brings canvas cover back shortly (4) 
canvas = TARP (short for tarpaulin)
17 TWO-TIMING A couple setting the moment for doing what an adulterer is doing (3-6) 
A couple = TWO, setting the moment = TIMING
21 GLASS EYE A prosthesis that doesn't look like the real thing? (5,3) 
Cryptic definition
22 HUMID After a buzz I start to dream it's close (5) 
buzz = HUM + I + start to dream = D
24 WATERMELON Triumphed, capturing me later cooking a large fruit (10) 
Triumphed = WON including anagram of ME LATER
25 NOUN A non-U sort of word (4) 
Anagram of NON U
26 ERRING Decapitate fish for making a mistake (6) 
fish = HERRING
27 SACHET He acts strangely producing a little bag (6) 
Anagram of HE ACTS
1 RAN OVER Spoke at greater length than required so killed with a car (3,4) 
Double definition
2 VISOR Eyeshade for guest who's lost it (5) 
guest = VISITOR minus IT
3 SAPIENT Sagacious and perspicacious, I examine nickel tin openers: perspicacious indeed! (7) 
Acrostic: first letters ("openers") of preceding phrase
5 AVENUE A place to meet in the road (6) 
Double definition
6 GRAND SLAM Garlands represented millions for the big winner's achievement (5,4) 
Anagram of GARLANDS + M ("millions")
7 SUCCEED Come later to win (7) 
Double definition
8 POTTERS' WHEELS Where lumps of clay are turned into Harry's car? (7,6) 
Double definition
14 DRAWS NEAR Medic with a bad answer approaches (5,4) 
Medic = DR + anagram of ANSWER
16 PULSATE Make up tales to beat (7) 
Anagram of UP TALES
18 TOHUNGA Hang out incorrectly with expert on the marae (7) 
Anagram of HANG OUT
19 NO DOUBT Bound to change to be sure (2,5) 
Anagram of BOUND TO
20 SERMON Doublecrosser monstrously delivers a moralistic rebuke (6) 
Hidden word
23 MUNCH One must leave the Bavarian capital for a bite (5) 
MUNICH minus one = I


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