Crossword 1074 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 16 April, 2018

1 STATIC You could make cat sit still (6) 
Anagram of CAT SIT
4 LIMPED Produced fake news about politician having faltered (6) 
Produced fake news = LIED containing MP ("politician")
8 INSTALL Set up for use at home then drag one's feet (7) 
at home = IN, drag one's feet = STALL
9 AND SO ON Also in the near future, etcetera (3,2,2) 
Also = AND, in the near future = SOON
11 FILM NOIR Inform lunatic about the Italian style of gangster movie (4,4) 
Anagram of INFORM including IL ("the Italian")
12 RAISE Grow sunbeams, I'm told (5) 
Homophone for RAYS ("sunbeams")
13 PETIT Insignificant part of my appetite (5) 
Hidden word
14 CABLE CAR Taxi clear for refabrication as a funicular railway conveyance (5,3) 
Taxi = CAB + anagram of CLEAR
16 SEASONED Experienced with a pinch of salt? (8) 
Double definition
18 RUSTY Out of practice? Try us out (5) 
Anagram of TRY US
20 CO-OPT How to get someone new on the committee: work in bed (2-3) 
work = OP, bed = COT
22 LIFELINE Left one with cat as vital support (8) 
Left = L, one = I, cat = FELINE
24 DIAGRAM Location of Taj Mahal can be seen in dumb plan (7) 
Location of Taj Mahal = AGRA inside DIM ("dumb")
25 ACETONE Polish doesn't last with this once tea is spilled (7) 
Anagram of ONCE TEA
26 EXPATS With taxes arranged – having political leader on the inside – they live in other countries (6) 
Anagram of TAXES including P ("political leader")
27 ADAPTS Notices include likely changes in view of the circumstances (6) 
Notices = ADS inlcuding APT ("likely")
1 SUNNI Nun is converting to a branch of Islam (5) 
Anagram of NUN IS
2 ATTEMPT Try to get a non-drinker to take in casual employee (7) 
a non-drinker = A TT containing TEMP ("casual employee")
3 ILL-GOTTEN Improper title, long misappropriated (3-6) 
Anagram of TITLE LONG
5 INNER Central part of a brain nerve (5) 
Hidden word
6 PASTIME I'm into glue as a hobby (7) 
IM inside PASTE ("glue")
7 DROMEDARY A beast of burden roamed around in desertlike weather (9) 
Anagram of ROAMED inside DRY ("desertlike weather")
10 CROCODILE Large beast with pale flesh presented ice cold or cooked (9) 
Anagram of ICE COLD OR
13 PRESCRIBE Order drugs for wild spree around bach in Riverton (9) 
Anagram of SPREE including CRIB ("bach in Riverton")
15 BAREFACED Audacious, having had a close shave? (9) 
Double definition
17 STOPGAP Prevent doctor grabbing a makeshift remedy (7) 
Prevent = STOP, doctor = GP incliuding ("grabbing") A
19 SPLIT UP Bad slip, put up with it and divorce (5,2) 
Anagram of SLIP + PUT backwards ("up")
21 TRAIT A quirk apparent in Sinatra I think (5) 
Hidden word
23 NO-NO'S Man-child working overturning taboos (2-3) 
Man-child = SON, working = ON, overturning = reversal indicator


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