Crossword 1075 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 23 April, 2018

1 RAGES Fads occupy some storage space (5) 
Hidden word
4 OPPORTUNE Timely pop composition or melody (9) 
Anagram of POP + OR + melody = TUNE
9 SURGEON Child about to encourage operator (7) 
Child = SON, encourage = URGE
10 OPULENT Luxurious exotic houseplant has somehow disappeared (7) 
Anagram of HOUSEPLANT minus letters in HAS
11 UNLIT Learner in apartment yet to be enlightened? (5) 
Learner = L, apartment = UNIT
12 REFLECTOR Displaced crofter grabs the French cat's eye (9) 
Anagram of CROFTER including LE ("the French")
13 DESECRATE Profane structure as erected (9) 
Anagram of AS ERECTED
15 RUN-UP Stitch incurred during the bowler's approach (3-2) 
Double definition
17 DOWSE What you might do prior to making well: provide medication including whisky (5) 
provide medication = DOSE, whisky = W
19 MIDDLE AGE Revised image includes daughter led astray for the time of her life? (6,3) 
Anagram of IMAGE including D ("daughter") and anagram of LED
21 MOTORISTS Ministry of Transport arranged riots before opening of shop for drivers (9) 
Ministry of Transport = MOT + anagram of RIOTS + opening of shop = S
24 CACAO Bean comes from California repeatedly with love (5) 
California = CA, love = O
25 TSUNAMI A large amount of seawater all of a sudden could make us a mint (7) 
Anagram of US A MINT
26 IMAGINE Conceive of one little periodical in middle of September (7) 
one = I, little periodical = MAG + IN + middle of September = E
27 FAT CHANCE Distort fact? He can, but with no possibility of success (3,6) 
Anagram of FACT HE CAN
28 THETA Character in Athens provides article with brief acknowledgement of appreciation (5) 
article = THE, brief acknowledgement of appreciation = TA
1 RESOUNDED Rang loudly so endured disturbance (9) 
Anagram of SO ENDURED
2 GARBLES What the poor translator does with uniform (perhaps) article in French (7) 
uniform (perhaps) = GARB, article in French = LE
3 SPECTACLE Show some unfinished eyewear (9) 
Double definition
4 OWNER The proprietor is a bit of a small-town Ernest Hemingway (5) 
Hidden word
5 PROOFREAD Poor, poor Mr Dagg grabs article to be checked for errors (9) 
Anagram of POOR + Mr Dagg = FRED grabbing article = A
6 ROUTE The line of march to overwhelming defeat by end of battle (5) 
overwhelming defeat = ROUT, end of battle = E
7 UNEATEN You finally tidy up food that's left over (7) 
You finally = U, tidy up = NEATEN
8 ENTER Go on stage with Ellen Terry in part (5) 
Hidden word
14 ADMISSION Entrance fee to confession (9) 
Double definition
15 RELUCTANT Loath to have cattle run wild (9) 
Anagram of CATTLE RUN
16 PHENOMENA Remarkable developments as a chook and headless women gather in fortified village (9) 
chook = HEN, headless women = OMEN, fortified village = PA
18 WET SUIT Protective garment for some dives and licensed clubs for example (3,4) 
licensed = WET, clubs = SUIT
20 ARCHIVE I crave variety, taking heroin, making a collection of records (7) 
Anagram of I CRAVE including H ("heroin")
21 MOTIF Word in French provided a thematic pattern (5) 
Word in French = MOT, provided = IF
22 REACH Arrive at her overthrow, grabbing power of a sort (5) 
HER backwards including AC ("power of a sort")
23 SLICE Poor bit of driving on course recorded in drivers licence (5) 
Hidden word


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