Crossword 1086 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 09 July, 2018

1 RETORT Delivered the lecture again audibly or still (6) 
Homophone = RE-TAUGHT
4 ISOBAR I weep convulsively at a raw beginner making a squiggle on the weather map (6) 
I + weep convulsively = SOB, a raw beginner = AR
8 UGLIEST The most unattractive general lies in (Mormon) state (7) 
general = G + LIES inside UT
9 TREACLE React badly to the French syrup (7) 
Anagram of REACT + the French = LE
11 ELBOW ROOM Submit marsupial in tree has space to move around (5,4) 
Submit = BOW, marsupial = ROO, tree = ELM
12 ARTY Political group without leader is making an appearance of creativity (4) 
13 CREST Many relax achieving summit (5) 
Many = C, relax = REST
14 KID-GLOVE Godlike treatment includes heart of lover for the most tender sort of handling (3-5) 
Anagram of GODLIKE including V ("heart of lover")
16 CONCERTO Composition for company with cornet, unusually (8) 
company = CO + anagram of CORNET
18 IRONS Alternatives for drivers on short courses (5) 
Cryptic definition, golfing reference
20 WHET Sharpen up in rainy weather about the end of March (4) 
rainy weather = WET, end of March = H
21 SOMETIMES Most see I'm confused occasionally (9) 
Anagram of MOST SEE IM
23 OUTRAGE Anger really beginning in power cut (7) 
really beginning = R, power cut = OUTAGE
24 HOT SEAT Popular parliamentary position with responsibility (3,4) 
Popular = HOT, parliamentary position = SEAT
25 EARNER Student doesn't begin to become a paid worker (6) 
Student = LEARNER
26 ODDS-ON A very good chance for the peculiar boy (4-2) 
peculiar = ODD, boy = SON
1 ROGUE Scoundrel with a terrible urge to eat duck (5) 
Anagram of URGE including O ("duck")
2 THIMBLE Protective cover for the limb if broken (7) 
Anagram of THE LIMB
3 ROSE WATER Taros were crushed to make perfume (4,5) 
Anagram of TAROS WERE
5 SERUM Selenium and alcoholic liquor – a vital bodily fluid (5) 
Selenium = SE, alcoholic liquor = RUM
6 BRADAWL Father cut short in free-for-all gets the pricker (7) 
Father cut short = DA, free-for-all = BRAWL
7 RELATIVES Whanau make versatile arrangement (9) 
Anagram of VERSATILE
10 BOOKWORMS Keen readers reserve organic soil improvers (9) 
reserve = BOOK, organic soil improvers = WORMS
13 COOKHOUSE Use chook carelessly, eating nothing in the galley (9) 
Anagram of USE CHOOK including O ("nothing")
15 DRIFTWOOD Log when washed up medico provided pair with overdose (9) 
medico = DR, provided = IF, pair = TWO, overdose = OD
17 CATERER Provider wrapped vehicle around collapsing tree (7) 
vehicle = CAR, collapsing tree = TERE
19 OSMOSIS So miss out embracing Oscar for a diffusion effect (7) 
Anagram of SO MISS including O ("Oscar")
21 SEGUE A smooth transition in part for the house guest (5) 
Hidden word
22 SPAWN Spat a foot from a dog between poles (5) 
a foot from dog = PAW, poles = S and N


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