Crossword 1096 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 15 September, 2018

1 POVERTY-STRICKEN Overspent? Tricky! Could become destitute! (7-8) 
9 SIRLOIN Rebel leader with oil involved in immorality, the result of some butchery (7) 
Rebel leader = R, oil involved = LOI, immorality = SIN.
10 AT A LOSS Buffoon eats a lot when confused and perplexed (2,1,4) 
Buffoon = ASS including anagram of A LOT
11 EASED Loosened and replanted a seed (5) 
anagram of A SEED
12 SNAIL MAIL Wild animals grab 49 letters in your letterbox (5,4) 
Anagram of ANIMALS including IL (49 in Roman numerals)
13 GASTROPOD Snail's good parts when cooked (9) 
anagram of GOOD PARTS
15 SOLES Thus the French produce bits of footwear (5) 
Thus = SO, the French = LES
17 RICED Cried pitifully having put the potatoes through the sieve (5) 
Anagram of CRIED
19 KING PRAWN Parking sneakily on outskirts of Wellington for some kai moana (4,5) 
anagram of PARKING + outskirts of Wellington = WN
21 FORETASTE Warning from enemy surrounding state in disarray (9) 
enemy = FOE including anagram of STATE
24 RIDGE Western end of overpass cut off at top of the range (5) 
Western end = first letter when reading, overpass = BRIDGE
25 CANTATA Classical composition is able to give a childish farewell (7) 
able to = CAN, childish farewell = TATA
26 FREEBIE Give away or release worker for the hearing (7) 
release = FREE, worker = BEE, for the hearing = homophone indicator
27 SITUATION COMEDY Mad idiot's aunty has come inside for Seinfeld perhaps (9,6) 
Anagram of IDIOTS AUNTY including COME
1 PASSENGER Father's cooked greens for the commuter (9) 
Father's = PAS + anagram of GREENS
2 VIRUSES Infectious agents with six deceptive manoeuvres (7) 
six = VI, deceptive manoeuvres = RUSES
3 REORDERED Requested again to see how an anagram is made (9) 
Double definition
4 YONKS The tails of only two American black bears appear in many years (5) 
Last letters ("tails") of onlY twO AmericaN blacK bearS
5 TEA GARDEN Scruffy Great Dane in an outdoor restaurant (3,6) 
Anagram of GREAT DANE
6 IN ALL Everything considered inside nominally (2,3) 
Hidden word
7 KNOW-ALL Barrier eliminated after weekend for someone who doesn't take advice (4-3) 
Barrier eliminated = NO WALL, weekend = K
8 NASAL Astronauts led at first by the nose (5) 
Astronauts = NASA, led at first = L
14 PAKISTANI Taking a sip drunkenly, abandoning general from Lahore (9) 
Anagram of TAKING A SIP minus G ("general")
15 SUPERHERO Batman, say, is so pure, actively grabbing her (9) 
Anagram of IS SO PURE including HER
16 SINCERELY Later on trust the final word from a correspondent (9) 
Later = SINCE, trust = RELY
18 CORONET Ornate opening in horn makes top decoration (7) 
Ornate opening = O, horn = CORNET
20 AUDIBLE A faulty build examined initially for the hearing (7) 
Anagram of BUILD + examined initially = E
21 FOCUS Concentrate on people, say, and you and me (5) 
Homophone: people = FOLK, you and me = US
22 TIARA A headdress used by some Djibouti Arabs (5) 
Hidden word
23 ELFIN Like a fairytale character, self-interested to some extent (5) 
Hidden word


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