Crossword 1098 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 30 September, 2018

7 VIRTUOSI Geniuses take poor visitor around bend (8) 
Anagram of VISITOR around U ("bend")
9 ABROAD At large in a foreign country (6) 
Double definition
10 ARMADILLO I alarm old mad creature (9) 
Anagram of I ALARM OLD
11 CITE Refer to common sense in speech (4) 
Homophone of SIGHT, a common sense
12 BESTOW Confer with most superior old wife (6) 
most superior = BEST, old = O , wife = W
14 CAST-IRON Strongly built actors in production (4-4) 
Anagram of ACTORS IN
15 STOREYS Flaws announced in cooked oysters! (7) 
Flaws announced (homophone) = floors + anagram of OYSTERS
17 VARNISH Seal is to disappear having eaten ringleader (7) 
disappear = VANISH, ringleader = R
20 HARLOTRY Prince embraces great deal of prostitution (8) 
Prince = HARRY, great deal = LOT
22 SOLEMN Sober, lonesome, hollow men (6) 
lonesome = SOLE, hollow men = MN
24 SPAS Pass resorts! (4) 
Anagram of PASS, resorts = combined definition and anagram indicator
25 GINGER ALE US serviceman with general drunk soft drink (6,3) 
US serviceman = GI + anagram of GENERAL
27 GRILLE Garfield lies oddly in front of the radiator (6) 
Odd numbered letters in GaRfIeLdLiEs
28 STERNEST The most unforgiving setters upset about new opening (8) 
Anagram of SETTERS including N ("new opening")
1 ATOM A tiny part of a cat (4) 
A cat = A TOM
2 HOLD SWAY Be in command using the wrestling manoeuvres method (4,4) 
wrestling manoeuvres = HOLDS, method = WAY
3 DIALECT Citadel built for 4 (7) 
4 PATOIS I spot a strange idiom (6) 
Anagram of I SPOT A
5 FRACTIONAL Incomplete final act or composition (10) 
Anagram of FINAL ACT OR
6 CAUTIOUS Conservative scout and I wander about gathering gold (8) 
Anagram of SCOUT I including AU ("gold")
8 IRATE I value being hot under the collar (5) 
I + value = RATE
13 TIRELESSLY Sterile treatment, tricky, done with diligence (10) 
Anagram of STERILE + tricky = SLY
16 TRAMPERS Over-enthusiastic walkers rest surprisingly while tackling incline (8) 
Anagram of REST including RAMP ("incline")
18 ANSWERED Reconstructed sewer put in and sufficed (8) 
Anagram of SEWER inside AND
19 GYMNAST My angst is provoked by someone promoting agility (7) 
Anagram of MY ANGST
21 TAGGER Illicit sign writer, German, in great mess (6) 
German = G inside anagram of GREAT
23 MEETS Encounters with say pork and beef (5) 
say = homophone indicator, pork and beef are meats
26 ANNE Princess shows a certain amount of meanness (4) 
Hidden word


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