Crossword 1099 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 08 October, 2018

6 TRIBUNE Iwi captures a French guardian (7) 
Iwi = TRIBE, captures = containment indicator, a French = UN
7 MAMMOTH Gigantic night-flyer eats before midday Mass (7) 
night-flyer = MOTH, before midday = AM, Mass = M
9 EERIE Bambi decapitated – that is spooky (5) 
Bambi = DEE, decapitated = deletion indicator, that is = IE
10 ILL-JUDGED What's done in triage is unwise? (3-6) 
Triage is where hospital admissions are assigned to appropriate wards etc.
11 DEEP-SEA Marine conveys note from bass I hear? (4-3) 
Homophone alluding to a low C note
13 DECADE A number of years were rotten, some might say (6) 
Homophone of DECAYED (note Chambers, SOED and Collins dictionaries give emphasis on the second syllable as a recognised pronunciation for this word)
15 GET THE PICTURE Grasp what the photographer has to do (3,3,7) 
Double definition
19 PLENTY Good deal quietly given for a while to youth leader (6) 
quietly = P, given for a while = LENT, youth leader = Y
20 TWIDDLE Idly give the thumbs up then the thumbs down (7) 
Cryptic definition
23 CATALONIA Feline creature, a lion running wild, and a region of Europe (9) 
Feline creature = CAT + anagram of A LION + A
24 ERROR Put the caviar back having taken luxury car in confusion (5) 
caviar = ROE, luxury car = RR
26 SURFACE Ride the waves with champion outside (7) 
Ride the waves = SURF, champion = ACE
27 ENGORGE Overeat, knocking back some fine grog nervously (7) 
Hidden word backwards
1 LIAR An unbelievable character uses trains when going north (4) 
uses trains = RAILS, going north = reversal indicator
2 DUVETS Songs for a couple about very comfortable bedding (6) 
American doctor = MD, one = I, left = L
3 MEDICATED Interceded, taking cocaine and given curative drugs (9) 
Interceded = MEDIATED, cocaine = C
4 IMPUDENT Cheeky chaps eating dessert take it outside (8) 
chaps = MEN containing dessert = PUD, all between I and T
5 LONG-HAIRED Hearing old nonsense: it's the way the Beatles were (4-6) 
Anagram of HEARING OLD
6 TWEEDS Trousers are dainty on detective sergeant (6) 
dainty = TWEE, detective sergeant = DS
7 MILD Meek American doctor has one left inside (4) 
American doctor = MD, one = I, left = L
8 HIDDEN Obscure fowl gives one theologian the run-around (6) 
fowl = HEN, one = I, theologian = DD (Doctor of Divinity), the run around = containment indicator
12 ELEMENTARY Quite simple or merely neat perhaps (10) 
Anagram of MERELY NEAT
14 AIR TRAVEL Arrive late, confused and lacking energy from flying (3,6) 
Anagram of ARRIVE LATE minus one E ("energy")
16 TOTAL WAR A law involved with complicated tort results in all-encompassing conflict (5,3) 
Anagram of A LAW and TORT
17 EPOCHS The woman collaring police officer turned down dates (6) 
The woman = SHE, collaring = containment indicator, police officer = COP, turned down = reversal indicator
18 DEGREE A unit of graduation (6) 
Double definition
21 ICE AGE Look at person of great wisdom announcing global cooling (3,3) 
Homophone for EYE ("look at") SAGE ("person of great wisdom")
22 KNEE Keen to roll a joint (4) 
Anagram of KEEN
25 RARE How to cook venison nicely in an infrared cooker (4) 
Hidden word


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