Crossword 1100 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 12 October, 2018

1 MILLER John Walker, as he was, got left inside grinder (6) 
John Walker = MILER, left = L
4 HOTSHOT A virtuoso makes a tautological statement like "cold is cold" (7) 
9 THOUSANDS Many hounds sat when ordered (9) 
Anagram of HOUNDS SAT
10 AZTEC Arizona trade school announced a Mexican empire (5) 
Arizona = AZ, trade school = tech, announced = homophone indicator
11 RESOW Implant again could be worse (5) 
Anagram of WORSE
12 ILL AT EASE Willy at heart, in front of a flirt, becomes fidgety (3,2,4) 
Willy at heart = ILL, a flirt = A TEASE
13 DICTION Craving to have ad removed in a manner of speaking (7) 
15 REPEAL Ring the bells again for the annulment (6) 
Double definition
17 PATENT Clear right to remove the heart of a medical client (6) 
Delete middle letter ("heart") of medical client = PATIENT
19 TAIL END Become unwell, get nurse around, the last you see (4,3) 
Become unwell = AIL, nurse = TEND
22 INTERFERE Step in or enter fire stupidly (9) 
Anagram of ENTER FIRE
24 TRAIN Frantic after football club's removed disorganised coach or coaches (5) 
Anagram of RANTI
26 AVIAN I got into a panel truck. Like a gander? That too (5) 
I inside panel truck = VAN
27 AT ONE TIME Formerly simultaneously (2,3,4) 
Double definition
28 BREWERY We drowned in berry crush at the drink factory (7) 
WE inside anagram of BERRY
29 ASTERN A grim following at sea (6) 
grim = STERN
1 MATURED Aged and felt rude, deceptively (7) 
felt = MAT + anagram of RUDE
2 LOOMS Weavers in the toilet with unpublished writing (5) 
toilet = LOO, unpublished writiing = MS (manuscript)
3 ERSTWHILE Former English Republican whistle blown (9) 
English = E, Republican = R + anagram of WHISTLE
4 HUSTLER A shrewd opportunist hurtles around (7) 
Anagram of HURTLES
5 TOAST Drink to a holy person (5) 
TO A ST (saint)
6 HIT PARADE A rundown of the most popular items resulting from the collapse of apartheid (3,6) 
Anagram of APARTHEID
7 TUCKER Food for the chambermaid? (6) 
Chambermaids tuck in sheets
8 ENSIGN Some Greens, ignominiously, may be attached to staff? (6) 
Hidden word
14 COASTLINE A section when developed includes large stretch of the shore (9) 
Anagram of A SECTION including L ("large")
16 POINTLESS Futile so slept in foolishly (9) 
Anagram of SO SLEPT IN
18 THE MANY Man they mistook for most people (3,4) 
Anagram of MAN THEY
19 TOETOE Get plumed tussock for double digits (6) 
digit = TOE
20 DUNGEON Keep one crushed under manure (7) 
Anagram of ONE under DUNG ("manure")
21 BICARB Rabbi when upset takes carbon, an antacid (6) 
Anagram of RABBI including C ("carbon")
23 RINSE Get up about noon to wash (5) 
Get up = RISE, noon = N
25 ARISE Turn up and raise confusion (5) 
Anagram of RAISE


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