Crossword 1105 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 17 November, 2018

1 PIOUS Putting a promissory note in an addendum might be seen as sanctimonious (5) 
promissory note = IOU, addendum = PS
4 MALLET An implement used in croquet and in making small etchings (6) 
Hidden word
9 BOSS Stud manager (4) 
Double definition
10 ADHERENCE Bond does crazy dance about this place (9) 
Anagram of DANCE containing HERE ("this place")
11 AUCTIONS Sales of a suction contraption (8) 
Anagram of A SUCTION
12 DESIRE Reside at sea? Fancy that (6) 
Anagram of RESIDE
13 MEASLY My sale collapsed being too small and mean? (6) 
Anagram of MY SALE
15 OBESITY Follow orders: pose for a portrait inside showing fatness (7) 
Follow orders = OBEY, pose for a portrait = SIT
16 DELILAH All hide in confusion from a snippy femme fatale (7) 
Anagram of ALL HIDE
18 FEEBLE The Spanish bull at the butchery turned weak at the knees – weak generally, in fact (6) 
The Spanish = EL, bull at the butchery = BEEF, turned = reversal indicator
20 DOG TAG Pursue child's play as a means of identification (3,3) 
Pursue = DOG, child's play = TAG
21 ROSEMARY Frightful baby's mother got up before bloody queen (8) 
got up = ROSE, bloody queen = MARY (Mary 1 of England, the original "bloody Mary")
23 PRINCIPLE Cripple in trouble as a rule (9) 
Anagram of CRIPPLE IN
24 SHED Dropped off in the Hutt, reportedly (4) 
25 DWELLS Stays back, initially salacious, lecherous and completely lewd (6) 
back = reversal indicator, initial letters of Salacious, Lecherous and entire word LEWD
26 SONNY A bright sounding little lad (5) 
1 PROFUSE Appearing in abundance for top academic to utilise (7) 
top academic = PROF, utilise = USE
2 ONSET Where Taika Waititi directs an attack (5) 
Double definition
3 SHADOWY Vague yet flamboyant about promotional material (7) 
flamboyant = SHOWY, promotional material = AD
5 ABRIDGE A newlywed eats dog's tail? Curtail actually (7) 
A newlywed = A BRIDE, dog's tail = G
6 LANDSLIDE Bring playground equipment ashore in great political triumph (9) 
Bring ... ashore = LAND, playground equipment = SLIDE
7 THE ARMY Heart broken by my military force (3,4) 
Anagram of HEART + MY
8 PHYSIOTHERAPY I spy a trophy he redesigned for health-giving exercises (13) 
Anagram of I SPY A TROPHY HE
14 SOLITAIRE Patience is upsetting to Israeli (9) 
Anagram of TO ISRAELI
16 DROOPED Enthusiasm initially followed an uprising of the underprivileged in the middle of muddle then flagged (7) 
Enthusiasm initially = E, uprising of = reversal indicator, the underprivileged = POOR, the middle of muddle = DD
17 LOGICAL Soldier goes into pub, being rational (7) 
Soldier = GI, pub = LOCAL
18 FASTENS Fans set out to get fixes (7) 
Anagram of FANS SET
19 LARCENY Put criminal leader inside, nearly broken, for theft (7) 
Criminal leader = C inside anagram of NEARLY
22 MASON Mother's working with a member of a fraternal order (5) 
Mother's = MAS, working = ON


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