Crossword 1112 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 12 January, 2019

5 LOOK OUT Beware of this viewpoint (4,3) 
Double definition
7 WORTHY Why embracing nothing right is highly respectable (6) 
WHY including O ("nothing"), R ("right")
9 IN TOTO Altogether at home with child to love (2,4) 
at home = IN, child = TOT, love = O (tennis)
10 OVERDO IT Exceed one's capacity and drive too, stupidly (6,2) 
Anagram of DRIVE TOO
11 NOVELIST Eleanor Catton for one has not written about unusual lives (8) 
NOT including an anagram of LIVES
12 SPARKY Man with intelligence grabs big life boat for expert with power (6) 
Man with intelligence = SPY, big life boat = ARK
13 TAKE THE MICKEY What Disney's camera operators had to do to make fun of people (4,3,6) 
Allusion to Mickey Mouse
17 JOYOUS Glad seeing Joseph half embracing you (6) 
Joseph half = JOS around YOU
20 OLD GLORY Rolled-gold parrot with stars and stripes (3,5) 
Anagram of GOLD, parrot = LORY
22 AD-LIBBER On stage, a verbal improviser with a chronic dribble (2-6) 
A + anagram of DRIBBLE
23 NOT BAD No publicity about consumption is rather good (3,3) 
NO AD including TB ("consumption")
24 BEAGLE Hound bishop with aggressive flyer (6) 
bishop = B, aggressive flyer = EAGLE
25 STADIUM Little bit I included in total to build a whole sports ground (7) 
Little bit = TAD + I inside SUM ("total")
1 COYOTE Small wolf over-sensitive to broken toe (6) 
over-sensitive = COY + anagram of TOE
2 MOTORIST Master cooking risotto for the driver (8) 
Master = M + anagram of RISOTTO
3 OWNERS Proprietors worsen new arrangement (6) 
Anagram of WORSEN
4 SHRINK Contract psychiatrist (6) 
Double definition
5 LINE-OUT Part of the game in which a queue appears at the exit (4-3) 
queue = LINE, exit = door which might be labelled OUT
6 TROD THE BOARDS Acted on stage playing brothers to Dad (4,3,6) 
8 REDBACK Communist support for an Australian web developer (7) 
Communist = RED, support = BACK
14 KNOWING Learned ruler is going around at present (7) 
ruler = KING, at present = NOW
15 IN DENIAL Occupying study, one with a learner, but refusing to come to terms with it (2,6) 
Occupying = IN, study = DEN, one = I, a = A, learner = L
16 YARD-ARM The end of the ship's spar has three feet attached and a whole limb (4-3) 
three feet = YARD, whole limb = ARM
18 OODLES Get lashings for removing the topping from pasta (6) 
pasta = NOODLES
19 SUBLET Rental arrangement for a tiny naval vessel? (6) 
Cryptic definition alluding to LET as a dimunitive suffix
21 LATVIA Lead a tour initially by way of Riga and thereabouts (6) 
Lead a tour initially = L A T, by way of = VIA


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