Crossword 1119 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 03 March, 2019

1 HOBART Pub in tropical setting somewhere in Australia (6) 
Pub = BAR, tropical = HOT
4 WARM-UP Kermit is one half-cut after big fight, and that's just the pre-game exercise (4-2) 
Kermit = MUPPET, big fight = WAR
8 SWOOPED Hurried around court then pounced (7) 
Hurried = SPED, court = WOO
9 FANFARE Flourish using brass with the devotee's meals (7) 
devotee = FAN, meals = FARE
11 SULTANATE Sovereign territory shows a talent developed with American backing at first (9) 
Anagram of A TALENT, American = US, backing = reversal indicator
12 LARD The French way to make fat (4) 
The French = LA, way = RD
13 MATAI Aim at rebuilding in native black pine (5) 
Anagram of AIM AT
14 EMENDED Put me back, finished, corrected and improved (7) 
ME backwards, finished = ENDED
16 GRAVEST Final resting place put before saint is most serious (7) 
Final resting place = GRAVE, saint = ST
18 TEASE Flirt appears in a casual sort of shirt with effortlessness (5) 
casual sort of shirt = T, effortlessness = EASE
20 TSAR A monarch who returns in Rastafarianism (4) 
Hidden word backwards
21 SIGNATORY Recruit a conservative as one to endorse (9) 
Recruit = SIGN, a conservative = A TORY
23 COPIOUS Police officer with promissory notes makes more than enough (7) 
Police officer = COP, promissory notes = IOUS
24 SENDS UP What the rocketeer and satirist does: suspend development (5,2) 
Anagram of SUSPEND
25 EXEMPT Divorcee, not completely vacant, is duty free (6) 
Divorcee = EX, not completely vacant = EMPT
26 AT ODDS Sweeney the barber is inside as being on bad terms (2,4) 
Sweeney the barber = TODD inside AS
1 HAWKS What the pedlar does for birds (5) 
Double definition
2 BOOKLET Pamphlet shows deer turning up in footwear (7) 
deer = ELK, footwear = BOOT
3 RE-EXAMINE Mistakenly I name Rex Eric initially then take another look (2-7) 
Anagram of I NAME REX + E ("Eric initially")
5 AWARE Conscious of a house full of merchandise? (5) 
Allusion to WAREHOUSE
6 MUFFLED Botched the job keeping left but kept it quiet (7) 
MUFFED including L ("left")
7 PARTRIDGE Snare set up on hilltop gets bird (9) 
Snare = TRAP, set up = reversal indicator, hilltop = RIDGE
10 PARENTAGE A tear in part of book showing descent (9) 
A tear = A RENT, part of book = PAGE
13 MEGASTORE A very large shop offers me free storage (9) 
ME + anagram of STORAGE
15 EXTRAVERT Outgoing roisterer mentioned in incoherent text (9) 
roisterer = RAVE inside anagram of TEXT
17 AIRTIME I merit a broadcast or a slot during a broadcast (7) 
Anagram of I MERIT A
19 AVOIDED Commercial about badly produced video best not seen (7) 
Commercial = AD including anagram of VIDEO
21 SLUMP Depression in shantytown on pure methamphetamine (5) 
shantytorn = SLUM + pure methamphetamine = P
22 YOURS A brief sign-off in someone's name, not mine and not theirs (5) 
Cryptic definition


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