Crossword 1122 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 24 March, 2019

4 WASHTUB Sink as wake precedes old boat (7) 
wake = WASH, old boat = TUB
6 MOP UP Polish off second little dog (3,2) 
second = MO, little dog = PUP
9 SILICA Quartz found in fossil I catalogued (6) 
Hidden word
10 TACITURN I act strangely and become rather uncommunicative (8) 
Anagram of I ACT, become = TURN
11 ERECTOR He puts up European clergyman (7) 
European = E, clergyman = RECTOR
13 BANDED Joined in group wearing stripes (6) 
Double definition
14 BOLD The type that is fearless (4) 
Double definition
16 FIBRE Dietary component with character (5) 
Double definition
17 MUTT Mumble "get rid of the Queen" and make a corgi cross perhaps (4) 
Mumble = MUTTER minus ER ("the Queen")
18 DELPHI Greek oracle's home set quietly in capital (6) 
quietly = P inside DELHI ("capital")
20 LAB COAT A scientific outfit develops a cobalt compound (3,4) 
Anagram of A COBALT
23 RED LIGHT A disreputable sort of area where one must stop? (3,5) 
Double definition
25 LOLLOP Bound like a puppy, laughing out loud with chop (6) 
laughing out loud = LOL (email and messaging abbreviation), chop = LOP
26 FORUM A public meeting in favour of a little hesitation (5) 
in favour of = FOR, a little hesitation = UM
27 UNHITCH Nasty hunch it means divorce (7) 
Anagram of HUNCH IT
1 STRAIT I start in a mess: a difficult situation (6) 
Anagram I START
2 A BIT Article grabbed in the teeth but not the whole thing (1,3) 
Article = A, grabbed in the teeth = BIT
3 AMICABLE Being friendly, take taxi about a mile? On the contrary (8) 
taxi = CAB inside A MILE
4 WHINE Grizzle making port around the end of the month (5) 
port = WINE, end of month = H
5 STIPEND Forward message about dump yielding a regular income (7) 
Forward message = SEND, dump = TIP
7 PUT-ON Spoof being still in bed, upside down (3-2) 
still in bed = NOT UP, upside down = reversal indicator
8 PERVERT Degenerate clergyman turned up in saucy setting (7) 
clergyman = REV, turned up = reversal indicator, saucy = PERT
12 REBEL Renegade discovered in the rise of Englebert Humperdinck (5) 
Hidden word
15 ONESELF Your own being feels no changes (7) 
Anagram of FEELS NO
16 FAIR GAME White rhino is a legitimate target for the safari hunter (4,4) 
Double definition
17 MOONLIT Naturally enlightened following reflection (7) 
Cryptic definition based on the fact that moonlight is reflected sunlight
19 POLAR Sort of bear being popular without backup (5) 
POPULAR minus PU ("backup")
21 BOLSHY Obstinately stroppy lad going about 50 on state highway (6) 
lad = BOY, 50 = L, state highway = SH
22 TOOTH A bit of "do unto others…" is part of saw (5) 
Hidden word
24 TAUT Educated, I say, when drawn out (4) 
Homophone of TAUGHT


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