Crossword 1123 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 31 March, 2019

1 STATEMENT New Testament announcement (9) 
Anagram of TESTAMENT
6 KEATS A poet has meal after cocktail (5) 
has meal = EATS, cocktail = K
9 ELASTIC Backing some illicit sales? That is certainly liable to a stretch (7) 
Hidden word backwards
10 IN UTERO Routine alteration prior to birthday (2,5) 
Anagram of ROUTINE
11 THINE Some faith in Etymology: yours in days of old (5) 
Hidden word
12 LONGITUDE At Greenwich it's zero gluten. I do new recipe (9) 
Anagram of GLUTEN I DO
13 NIGHTFALL Funny thing: autumn in New York is what occurs every 24 hours (9) 
Anagram of THING + autumn in New York = FALL
15 WASN'T Observed backwardness by Northern Territory never has been declared in brief (5) 
Observed = SAW, backwardness = reversal indicator, Northern Territory = NT
17 RABID Fanatical rebel leader with an offer (5) 
rebel leader = R, an offer = A BID
19 OBSERVANT Law-abiding ex-pupil with valet (9) 
ex-pupil = OB (old boy), valet = SERVANT
21 FREESTYLE Tyres feel wobbly but go swimmingly (9) 
Anagram of TYRES FEEL
24 ERATO The ancient muse of love returns in Kotaretahi (5) 
Hidden word backwards
25 UNDERGO A French democrat thus is to suffer (7) 
A French = UN, democrat = D, thus = ERGO
26 BIT PART A minor role available in the tack room? (3,4) 
Double definition
27 SORTS You're likely to come across some good ones in classes (5) 
Double definition
28 STRINGENT Doughnut inserted in blood-vessel splint makes it tight (9) 
Doughnut = RING, blood vessel splint = STENT
1 SWEETENER Entrées we chopped up for bait (9) 
anagram HUNCH IT
2 ABASING Washtub set in silver is humiliating? Apparently (7) 
Washtub = BASIN, silver = AG
3 ENTREATED Decapitated chaps given medical attention as prayed for (9) 
Decapitated chaps = EN, given medical treatment = TREATED
4 EXCEL Fish, about 90, do very well (5) 
English = E, 90 = XC (Roman numerals), the Spanish = EL
5 TRIANGLES I strangle deformed figures (9) 
Anagram of I STRANGLE
6 KAURI Kissinger, disheartened, grabs gold and I get gum (5) 
Kissinger disheartened = KR, gold = AU, + I
7 AVENUES Ways to approach a goddess embracing oriental (7) 
A goddess = A VENUS, oriental = E
8 SHOVE Digger doesn't finish making stuff (5) 
Digger = SHOVEL
14 ANONYMOUS Later, at day's end, Mickey detailed the world's most prolific writer (9) 
Later = ANON, day's end = Y, Mickey detailed = MOUS
15 WORM-EATEN Rotten squabble over beef perhaps and headless chook (4-5) 
squabble = ROW, over = reversal indicator, beef perhaps = MEAT, headless chook = EN
16 TIT FOR TAT Tart fit to bust in retaliation (3,3,3) 
Anagram of TART FIT TO
18 BLENDER Second rate loan shark supplies means of gaining liquid assets from consumables (7) 
Second rate = B, loan shark = LENDER
20 À LA PAGE A Los Angeles political leader, mature, is up to the minute (1,2,4) 
A Los Angeles = A LA, political leader = P, mature = AGE
21 FLUES Liquid fuels in the exhaust pipes (5) 
Anagram of FUELS
22 SIRES Some Mafiosi respect parents (5) 
Hidden word
23 EMBER A bit burnt, parliamentary representative blows her top (5) 
parliamentary representative = MEMBER, blows her top = deletion indicator


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