Crossword 1124 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 06 April, 2019

7 OILSKIN Paints family in waterproof cloth (7) 
Paints = OILS, family = KIN
8 EXTRA A walk-on part is additional (5) 
Double definition
9 DODGEM Duck, male, a fair little bumper (6) 
Duck = DODGE, male = M
10 SEABORNE One's bare freely floating (8) 
Anagram of ONE'S BARE
11 BRAINY It's smart, using British Rail first class to New York (6) 
British Rail = BR, first class = AI, New York = NY
12 PALATIAL Large and splendid or a tip, all a mess (8) 
Anagram of A TIP ALL A
13 NIGHT WATCHMAN Funny thing: observe our species in a security guard job (5,8) 
Anagram of THING + observe = WATCH, our species = MAN
16 ACCENTED Stressed with a pronounced difference (8) 
Double definition
18 MISUSE First of March: issue badly written silly application (6) 
First of March = M + anagram of ISSUE
20 STRATEGY You initially get creative sector backing for the overall scheme (8) 
You initially = Y, GET, creative sector = ARTS, backing = reversal indicator
22 TEA URN Beverage container of a peculiar nature (3,3) 
Anagram of NATURE
23 ENSUE Result: three points at matriculation (5) 
three points (compass) = ENS, matriculation = UE
24 REVELRY Crowbar applied backwards to railway in the course of jolly spree (7) 
Crowbar = LEVER, applied backwards = reversal indicator, railway = RY
1 PLUGGING Stopping advertising (8) 
Double definition
2 SKIMPY One politician in heaven is generous? Anything but (6) 
One = I, politician = MP, heaven = SKY,
3 ONUS Responsibility shown by working American (4) 
working = ON, American = US
4 METALLIC Like copper perhaps having confronted everyone in charge (8) 
confronted = MET, everyone = ALL, in charge = IC
5 AT MOST No more than a cash machine with nothing on way (2,4) 
cash machine = ATM, nothing = O, way = ST
6 MAINTAIN Clean, repair and lubricate a tin man I rebuilt (8) 
Anagram of A TIN MAN I
7 ODOUR Well-to-do urbanites are the source of a smell (5) 
Hidden word
12 PLAID Used the bagpipes, so they say, in tartan (5) 
Homophone: used the bagpipes = played
13 NICETIES Refinements characteristic of a dapper gentleman (8) 
Charade: nice ties
14 TETHERED Senator Cruz gets in that place when restrained (8) 
Senator Cruz = TED including THERE ("in that place")
15 MISSABLE A young woman, competent yet readily overlooked (8) 
A young women = MISS, competent = ABLE
17 ELAPSE Pass on the other hand around a piano (6) 
on the other hand = ELSE, piano = P
18 MOTIVE A need to shift, getting it back inside (6) 
shift = MOVE including TI ("it back")
19 STRAY Saturday, oddly: beginning to yawn and drift off (5) 
Odd numbered letters in Saturday = STRA + beginning to yawn = Y
21 YORE Time long past when the mayoress lost weight (4) 
mayoress minus MASS


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