Crossword 1125 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 14 April, 2019

1 BRIDE-TO-BE Change bird to bee as intended (5-2-2) 
Anagram of BIRD TO BEE
6 BOGUS Travel back in public transport, dummy (5) 
Travel back = OG, in public transport= BUS
9 SIGNORA The missus in Venice is soaring out of control (7) 
Anagram of SOARING
10 BRITAIN Mastermind holds it to be a monarchy (7) 
Mastermind = BRAIN including IT
11 NO-ONE Midday bridge player who is there after everyone leaves (2-3) 
Midday = NOON, bridge player = E
12 SHOWER CAP Henry, in worse mess with small explosive, gets top coverage (6,3) 
Henry = H inside anagram of WORSE, small explosive = CAP
13 IMPLANTED Let in damp by mistake, becoming rooted (9) 
Anagram of LET IN DAMP
15 FED UP Field gun oddly beginning to pong so getting sick of it (3,2) 
Odd letters in field gun = FEDU + beginning to pong = P
16 GAFFE Old-timer doesn't finish making a social blunder (5) 
Old-timer = GAFFER
18 EAR DOCTOR Decorator worked for an otologist (3,6) 
Anagram of DECORATOR
20 STATESMAN American national leader? (9) 
Doube definition
23 SCAMP Swindle quiet scallywag (5) 
Swindle = SCAM, quiet = P
25 IVORIES They are tickled when Elton John plays (7) 
Cryptic definition
26 TROWELS Tango slower with new composition for diggers (7) 
Tango = T + anagram of SLOWER
27 GERMS Going west, some journalism regularly reveals sources (5) 
Hidden word backwards
28 SIDELINED Team showing signs of age is demoted (9) 
Team = SIDE, showing signs of age = LINED
1 BISON Cannabis only consists partly of a sort of bull (5) 
Hidden word
2 IN-GROUP An exclusive circle of people pouring out (2-5) 
Anagram of POURING
3 EXONERATE Formerly a single charge per item to clear (9) 
Formerly = EX, a single = ONE, charge per item = RATE
4 OPALS Gemstones given in love to friends (5) 
love = O, friends = PALS
5 EMBROIDER Put me up with little brother and ride around to add decoration (9) 
me up = EM, little brother = BRO + anagram of RIDE
6 BRIBE Buy French cheese having British capital invested (5) 
French cheese = BRIE, British capital = B
7 GLANCED Took only a brief look as George dealt with a boil (7) 
George = G, dealt with boil = LANCED
8 SANDPAPER Smoother news from the beach? (9) 
news = PAPER, beach = SAND
13 INGESTING Eating while being whimsical, say (9) 
Homophone for IN JESTING
14 THERMOSES Flasks from the right old prophet (9) 
The right = THER, old prophet = MOSES
15 FOOTSTOOL Ottoman fools Otto oddly (9) 
Anagram of FOOLS OTTO
17 FLAVOUR Season to bestow a privilege upon about fifty (7) 
bestow a privilege upon = FAVOUR, fifty = L
19 TRADE-IN I ranted about an item given in part payment (5-2) 
Anagram of I RANTED
21 EVILS Iniquities ruined lives (5) 
Anagram of LIVES
22 NOTED Never was Hillary famous (5) 
Never was = NOT, Hillary = ED
24 POSED Impersonated being a sitter (5) 
Double definition


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