Crossword 1126 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 21 April, 2019

1 FAMISH Trout have gone around morning so starve (6) 
Trout = FISH, morning = AM
4 SPADES Passed out in a suit (6) 
Anagram of PASSED
8 CENTURY Sob about sad tune for rather a long time (7) 
Sob = CRY including anagram of TUNE
9 PURSUIT A not-completely-virginal courtship as a hobby (7) 
Not completely virginal = PUR, courtship = SUIT
11 HAND BRAKE Corrupt banker had leverage within grasp to cease going forward (4,5) 
Anagram of BANKER HAD
12 URDU The language to be used in Islamabad as part of your duties (4) 
Hidden word
13 SHEBA Female with degree in ancient queendom (5) 
Female = SHE, degree = BA
14 ENNOBLED None, strangely, haemorrhaged when tapped on the shoulder with a sword (8) 
Anagram of NONE, haemorrhaged = BLED
16 BIRTHDAY Date is off by a third (8) 
Anagram of BY A THIRD
18 GRASS Timothy, for instance, is a snitch (5) 
Double definition
20 EDEN A place of bliss and delight within a fenced enclosure (4) 
Hidden word
21 MOISTENED Listener stripped in Ministry of Defence, being a bit wet (9) 
Listener stripped = ISTENE inside MOD ("Ministry of Defence")
23 OVER-AGE Too old on average, lacking sodium (4-3) 
sodium = NA
24 BABYING Mollycoddling near home in case (7) 
near = BY, home = IN, case = BAG
25 REDRAW Produce another draft showing reversing screw (6) 
screw = WARDER
26 MEDDLE Interfere with the sound of a gong (6) 
Homophone: gong = MEDAL
1 FRESH Meat shows a different side internally if recently butchered (5) 
Meat = FLESH, different side = change L to R
2 MATINEE Have me grab a prong as a theatrical performance one day (7) 
a prong = A TINE inside ME
3 SURFBOARD Just the thing at the beach for absurd recreation (9) 
Anagram of FOR ABSURD
5 PAUSE Pussyfoots? So they say in a break (5) 
Homophone: pussyfoots = PAWS
6 DISTURB Brute on side, missing finals, turned up to cause trouble (7) 
BRUT SID, turned up = reversal indicator
7 SWINDLERS Tricksters ruined wilderness, removing a quarter (9) 
Anagram of WILDERNESS minus an E ("quarter")
10 SAFETY PIN Fine pastry mixed, last of flour removed to create a non-stick binder (6,3) 
Anagram of FINE PASTRY minus R ("last of flour")
13 SKIN-DIVER Drinks I've drunk: one without a wetsuit (4-5) 
Anagram of DRINKS IVE
15 NIGHTMARE German hit composition is an ordeal (9) 
Anagram of GERMAN HIT
17 TENURED Broken denture secured in position (7) 
Anagram of DENTURE
19 ANNOYED Narked one day when upset about noon (7) 
Anagram of ONE DAY including N ("noon")
21 MAGMA Hot rock graduate holds annual general meeting (5) 
graduate = MA, annual general meeting = AGM
22 DANCE Ball used in a Ugandan ceremony (5) 
Hidden word


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