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Crossword 1083 answers and explanations

6 MUTATE Change for mongrel, eating a bridge player (6) 
mongrel = MUTT, eating A (container), bridge player = E
8 PRUDENCE Crude pen built with frugality (8) 
Anagram of CRUDE PEN
10 MAYORAL A kind of municipal power and might unwritten (7) 
might = MAY, unwritten = ORAL
11 ALL-OUT A large yobbo using everything available (3-3) 
A large = AL, yobbo = LOUT
12 STAMPS They will ensure post for good person with lots of power (6) 
A large = AL, yobbo = LOUT
13 EYEBALL Look, I cry loudly (7) 
Homophones for I and BAWL
15 SHELLAC Varnish obtained with oil company account (7) 
oil company = SHELL, account = AC
17 LACTATE A cattle organisation is to provide milk (7) 
Anagram of A CATTLE
20 PSYCHIC Spy upset stylish clairvoyant (7) 
Anagram of SPY + stylish = CHIC
22 COPING Just managing to fit bit of gear around green flag (6) 
bit if gear = COG, green flag = PIN (golf)
24 SEXIST The first of seven going on to be discriminatory (6) 
First of seven = S, be = EXIST
26 OPENS UP Becomes very candid with pioneers (5,2) 
Double definition
27 ESCALATE Flee, lacking exercise, not soon enough to step it up (8) 
Anagram of CASE, not soon enough = LATE
28 TROWEL Castro, we learn, buried a digger (6) 
Hidden word
1 SUBMIT Present heartless bum in business outfit (6) 
heartless bum = BM, business outfit = SUIT
2 NEBRASKA State banks are being reinvented (8) 
Anagram of BANKS ARE
3 APPLIED Used computer program dissembled (7) 
computer program = AMP, dissembled = LIED
4 CURATE Organise the collection for a parson (6) 
Double definition
5 REEL How to quickly wind up the dance (4) 
Double definition
7 ABYSMALLY A bit of a baby, small, yelling in an appalling manner (9) 
Hidden word
9 COUPLET A small amount of poetry: "Brilliant victory allowed" (7) 
Brilliant victory = COUP, allowed = LET
14 ANTIPASTO Turn tapas into an Italian style of appetiser (9) 
Anagram of TAPAS INTO
16 HAPLESS Henry lapses badly, being pathetic (7) 
Henry = H (electrical unit) + anagram of LAPSES
18 ANCIENTS An insect excited some old timers (8) 
Anagram of AN INSECT
19 SCOOTER What you have to kick along to score remarkably (7) 
Anagram of TO SCORE
21 HIT MAN Assassin a popular success on one of the British Isles (3,3) 
a popular success = HIT, one of the British Isles = MAN
23 NIPPER A small amount of liquor for each small child (6) 
A small amount of liquor = NIP, for each = PER
25 IRAN One managed a whole country (4) 
One = I, managed = RAN