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Crossword 1084 answers and explanations

6 LINGO Tongue is engaged in a telling-off (5) 
Hidden word
7 ELEPHANT Help net a strange animal (8) 
Anagram of HELP NET A
10 T-SHAPED The pad's designed to be like a side-road intersection (1-6) 
Anagram of THE PADS
11 BOMBARD Hurl things at physician in management committee (7) 
physician = MB, management committee = BOARD
12 LUMP SUM A single payment from ACC for a minor head injury? (4,3) 
minor head injury = LUMP
13 BIRD FLU The flier did as expected reportedly with a contagious disease (4,3) 
The flier = BIRD + homophone of FLEW (did as expected)]
14 PIE IN THE SKY Keep this in code: at journey's end there's a castle in Spain (3,2,3,3) 
Anagram of KEEP THIS IN + journey's end = Y
19 ASHTRAY Something required by smokers wandering off around hospital (7) 
wandering off = ASTRAY, hospital = H
21 NO DOUBT Surely signal agreement with nothing but broadcast (2,5) 
signal agreement = NOD + nothing = O + anagram of BUT
23 CHANNEL Church princess left for a bit of TV (7) 
Church = CH, princess = ANNE, left = L
25 BRING ON Induce Beatle to appear in battalion briefly (5,2) 
Beatle = RINGO, battalion briefly = BN
26 CONSUMER He bought it as one scrum collapsed (8) 
Anagram of ONE SCRUM
27 SISAL Fibre connects local spies with a Labour leader (5) 
local spies = SIS + A + Labour leader = L
1 ON THE MAP Known to people far and wide at their expense, a peso (2,3,3) 
at their expense = ON THEM, a peso = AP
2 CORPUS A collection of writings or cups perhaps (6) 
Anagram of OR CUPS
3 READY MONEY Willing individual gets stuck into my cash (5,5) 
Willing = READY, individual = ONE inside MY
4 KERB Edge of structure built by worker bee (4) 
Hidden word
5 IN CALF Pregnant Peruvian left feet first (2,4) 
Peruvian = INCA, left = L, feet first = F
6 LET FLY Permit to take an aircraft on discharge (3,3) 
Double definition
8 HUMERUS Aussie bird ascends in rush breaking bone (7) 
Ausisie bird = EMU, ascends = reversal indicator, in = inside anagram of RUSH
9 ADD UP Tot gets doddery dad out of bed (3,2) 
Anagram of DAD + out of bed = UP
13 BEHIND BARS He bans bird, frisky, becoming caged (6,4) 
Anagram of HE BANS BIRD
15 ERRANDS Reds ran organised trips for a job (7) 
Anagram of REDS RAN
16 YOUNGISH Guy on his entanglement shown to be somewhat immature (8) 
Anagram of GUY ON HIS
17 MATCH The same colour or a little lighter (5) 
Double definition
18 ATONAL Unkeyed music troubled an alto (6) 
Anagram of AN ALTO
20 HEAD-ON One had unsatisfactory meeting front to front (4-2) 
Anagram of ONE HAD
22 DRIEST Doctor that is by way of being most sarcastic (6) 
Doctor = DR, that is = IE, way = ST
24 LAME Pathetically weak material interwoven with metal threads (4) 
Double definition