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Crossword 1108 answers and explanations

7 WEATHER You and I with broken heart endure with fortitude (7) 
You and I = WE then anagram of HEART
8 REPORT Racket includes record loud bang (6) 
Racket = RORT, record = EP
9 CRYSTAL SET Weep, start to sob at latest breakdown in wireless technology (7,3) 
Weep = CRY, start to sob = S, then anagram ("breakdown") of LATEST
10 THEY People in general or some of the young (4) 
Hidden word
11 DROWN Noun then perhaps adjective "backwards", verb "to overwhelm" (5) 
Noun = N, perhaps adjective = WORD, backwards = reversal indicator
13 NYMPHET New York politician beginning to help alien Lolita (7) 
New York = NY, politician = MP, beginning to help = H, alien = ET
14 SCUTTLE Proceed hurriedly and cook cutlets (7) 
Anagram of CUTLETS
16 SPECIAL Messy place is exceptional (7) 
Anagram of PLACE IS
19 REALISE Become fully aware of genuine fibs you hear (7) 
genuine = REAL, fibs you hear = homophone of lies
21 LASER Beamer features second in actual reverse (5) 
second = S inside actual = REAL, reversed
23 CUED Reminded to speak, having been lined up for announcement (4) 
lined up = QUED, for announcement = homophone indicator
24 INFLATABLE A net ball if in good order can be blown up (10) 
Anagram of A NET BALL IF
26 VERSUS Against poetry being recited (6) 
Homophone ("recited") of VERSES
27 CREDITS Directs incompetently but gets mentions at the end of the film (7) 
Anagram of DIRECTTS
1 SAWS Proverbs with metal teeth? (4) 
Double definition
2 SHRAPNEL Small change upsets her plans (8) 
Anagram of HER PLANS
3 PRESENT Quietly begrudge being here (7) 
Quietly = P, begrudge = RESENT
4 PRO TEM Beginning to print Metro badly in the meantime (3,3) 
Beginning to print = P then anagram of METRO
5 SPOT CHECKS Random examinations for measles? (4,6) 
Double definition
6 GREEN TEA Generate reform with a herbal infusion (5,3) 
Anagram of GENERATE
7 WIRED Wisconsin revolutionary is all tensed up (5) 
Wisconson = WI, revolutionary = RED
12 OUTLANDISH Alien dismissed at 50 by Danish googly (10) 
dismissed = OUT then 50 = L + anagram of DANISH
15 CAROUSEL Song about employment in a fairground attraction (8) 
Song = CAROL, employment = USE
17 PILLAGER Legal rip off as freebooter … (8) 
Anagram of LEGAL RIP
18 PERFECT … crept mysteriously around grabbing iron of unsurpassed quality (7) 
Anagram of CREPT including FE ("iron")
20 ICIEST Cities contrived to be most cool (6) 
Anagram of CITIES
22 RULES Regrets embracing Labour leader and what she imposes (5) 
Regrets = RUES, Labour leader = L
25 ARID Fair wind at regular intervals makes one dry (4) 
every second letter ("at regular intervals") in FAIR WIND