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Crossword 1109 answers and explanations

1 NIGHTCLUB Horrible thing: blunt weapon in disco (9) 
Anagram of THING, blunt weapon = CLUB
6 ANAESTHETIC Number squashed in a tea chest (11) 
Anagram of IN A TEA CHEST
12 HIT ROCK BOTTOM Very successful popular music – basic – reached its lowest point (3,4,6) 
Very successful = HIT, popular music = ROCK, basic = BOTTOM
13 RELABEL Apply a different brandname to all beer when drunk (7) 
Anagram of ALL BEER
14 WASTELAND Stick with magic around steal structure in desert (9) 
Stick with magic = WAND around anagram of STEAL
15 REALM Actual monarchy initially, a kingdom perhaps here (5) 
Actual = REAL, monarchy initialy = M
16 PHOTO Still overly warm in post office (5) 
overly wam = HOT, post office = PO
17 SPACESHIP Chaps' pies cooked in container that's out of this world (9) 
Anagram of CHAPS PIES
20 ODDS AND ENDS Strange powdery rock finishes in a grab bag collection (4,3,4) 
Strange = ODD, powdery rock = SAND, finishes = ENDS
22 REMNANT Mad man inside let out for the remainder (7) 
Anagram of MAN inside RENT ("let out")
24 MR RIGHT The ideal mate showing great power when seizing luxury car … (2,5) 
great power = MIGHT, luxury car = RR
26 DATED … went out with someone old-fashioned (5) 
Double definition
27 MIDDLEBROW Sort of lowbred, dim characters, not especially intellectual (10) 
Anagram of LOWBRED DIM
29 PRECURSORS Forerunners – before the computer mouse was invented? (10) 
Double definition
32 CITED Quoted as having been seen with the ear (5) 
Anagram of EDICT
33 MASTIFF Mother, rather formal, might be a bitch (7) 
Mother = MA, rather formal = STIFF
34 GLAD EYE Gee, Lady Gaga gives a come-hither look (4,3) 
Anagram of GEE LADY
35 REMINISCENT Evocative little skirts are in – up to the minute (11) 
little skirts = MINIS, up to the minute = RECENT
38 EXISTENCE Being undisciplined, teen grabs half-a-dozen back before Christmas Eve starts (9) 
Anagram of TEEN around XI ("half a dozen back") then CE ("Christmas Eve starts")
40 SWAZI Southern African people survive with absolute zero interest initially (5) 
Initial letters of Survive With Absolute Zero Interest
41 SHEER Downright diaphanous (5) 
Double definition
42 GOES TO POT Perverted stooge with illegal drug for degenerates (4,2,3) 
Anagram of STOOGE with POT ("illegal drug")
45 RAUCOUS A sort of Caruso wandering around university being rowdy (7) 
Anagram of CARUSO around U ("university")
46 ACCOMMODATION I command a coot building digs (13) 
47 WHEREWITHAL Accompanying this letter in retrospective law means, … (11) 
Accompanying this letter = HEREWITH inside LAW backwards
48 REKINDLED … fired up again, nerd liked getting organised (9) 
Anagram of NERD LIKED
1 NOHOW An emphatic denial of expertise I hear (5) 
Homophone ("I hear") of KNOW-HOW ("expertise")
2 GO TO SEA Was paid nothing by bishop's office I'm told so join the navy (2,2,3) 
Was paid nothing = GOT O, bishop's office = SEE, I'm told = homophone indicator
3 THOSE Article contains oxygen, sulphur, this and that (5) 
Article = THE, oxygen = O, sulphur = S
4 LIKE A SHOT Enjoy a slug of whisky? At once (4,1,4) 
Double definition
5 BROOD Think moodily of some flipping doorbells (5) 
Hidden word backwards ("flipping")
6 AFTER HOURS Our father's working late (5,5) 
Anagram of OUR FATHERS
7 ARMBAND Give guns to musicians as a solution to some identity problem (7) 
Double definition
8 SCRUM Worthless people embrace right to pack down (5) 
Worthless people = SCUM, right = R
9 HELIPAD With pile up inside, had a place for the chopper (7) 
PILE backwards ("up") inside HAD
10 TO BE OR NOT TO BE That is the question (2,2,2,3,2,2) 
11 CALLOUSED Name Oscar employed for the thick-skinned? (9) 
Name = CALL, Oscar = O, employed = USED
17 STRUM Play the guitar in a way with spirit (5) 
way = ST, spirit = RUM
18 ENABLED Given power when the middle of toenail haemorrhaged (7) 
middle of toenail = ENA, haemorrhaged = BLED
19 POMPOUS Grandiose English opus composed (7) 
English = POM then anagram of OPUS
21 ANTIC A ludicrous stunt, putting worker in charge (5) 
worker = ANT, in charge = IC
23 MADE TO MEASURE Tailored especially like a yardstick? (4,2,7) 
Double definition
25 GIRAFFE Inland revenue in faux pas makes a tall order of animal (7) 
Inland revenue = IR, faux pas = GAFFE
26 DORMANT Inactive injunction encompasses Resource Management Act (7) 
injunction = DON'T around RMA
28 BUMPS Politician into public transport reveals evidence of poor road maintenance (5) 
Politician = MP. public transport = BUS
30 SUEDE Hide instituted legal proceedings over English (5) 
instituted = SUED, English = E
31 HISTORICAL Old with an uncanny coltish air (10) 
Anagram of COLTISH AIR
32 CORKSCREW Work team grabs cracked rocks as an opener (9) 
Work team = CREW around anagram of ROCKS
34 GUIDEBOOK Baden-Powell's instructions to young ladies as published by Lonely Planet? (9) 
Double definition
36 NOISOME Loathsome racket involving order of merit (7) 
racket = NOISE, order of merit = OM
37 EYELASH A hair one should never cut can be made to heal? Yes (7) 
Anagram of HEAL YES
39 NUPTIAL Make up a word for milk in Noumea and a play on words about a wedding (7) 
Make up = reversal indicator for down word, a word for milk in Noumea = LAIT, a play on words = PUN
41 SUSHI A Japanese dish made partly by the missus historically (5) 
Hidden word
42 GAMER More brave when more crippled (5) 
Double definition
43 TRAIN Coach or coaches (5) 
Double definition
44 TUNED Tweaked an instrument for new beginning in novel duet (5) 
new beginning = N inside anagram ("novel") of DUET