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Crossword 1110 answers and explanations

1 SOPRANOS Singers put off a sponsor (8) 
Anagram of A SPONSOR
5 WIND UP Pull someone's leg to finish (4,2) 
Double definition
10 HABITAT What the nun might wear, a sort of shirt, in home normally (7) 
What the nun might wear = HABIT, a sort of shirt = A T
11 ARCADES Colonnades cast a sacred spell (7) 
Anagram of A SACRED
12 SALVO A burst of insults delivered in a nasal voice (5) 
Hidden word
13 ECHINACEA A herbal remedy I included in ache and acne treatment (9) 
Anagram of I, ACHE and ACNE
14 RUN-OF-THE-MILL Playing horn full time as usual (3-2-3-4) 
19 OUT OF THE BLUE Unexpectedly there's no full-cream milk? (3,2,3,4) 
Allusion to full-cream milk being usually packaged with blue labelling
24 HEARTH RUG One is laid in front of the fire with embrace taking in the whole planet, right? (6,3) 
embrace = HUG including the whol planet = EARTH, right = R
26 PROSE Beginning of poem got up in plain language (5) 
Beginning of poem = P, got up = ROSE
27 ARM BONE Moving on amber to be humorous, I say (3,4) 
Anagram of ON AMBER + homophone for HUMERUS
28 ELEGANT A gentle disposition, refined and tasteful (7) 
Anagram of A GENTLE
29 YONDER Rodney goes off over there (6) 
Anagram of RODNEY
30 GLITTERY Sparkling gay when disheartened eats rubbish (8) 
GAY minus A (middle letter hence "heart"), rubbish = LITTER
1 SCHISM Christmas disastrous, pieces of art lost, formal separation required (6) 
Anagram of CHRISTMAS minus letters in ART
2 PEBBLE Exercise by British broadcasting head with the French produces a little rock (6) 
Exercise = PE, British Broadcasting = BB, the French = LE
3 ASTROTURF Synthetic grass makes four start drifting (9) 
Anagram of FOUR START
4 ON THE GO Very busy as disturbed theologians sail away (2,3,2) 
Anagram of THEOLOGIANS minus letters in SAIL
6 INCAN From Peru originally, using the lavatory in the US (5) 
Lavatory in US = CAN
7 DIDACTIC Executed Atlantic City Technology Institute course leaders for being excessively instructive (8) 
Executed = DID, Atlantic City Technology Institute course leaders = ACTIC
8 PASSABLE Father's fur is adequate (8) 
Father's = PAS, fur = SABLE
9 SACHET Yearn to appear amongst Star Trek leads? Get a little bag (6) 
Yearn = ACHE, Star Trek leads = ST
15 FEE Payment for meal, not finished (3) 
meal = FEED
16 EQUIPMENT Oriental wisecrack, chaps, at old Ford model gear (9) 
Oriental = E, wisecrack = QUIP, chaps = MEN, old Ford model = T
17 TOP-HEAVY The leading villain in the movie is unstable (3-5) 
Leading = TOP, villian in the movie = HEAVY
18 STRAW MAN Scarecrow wants arm repaired (5,3) 
Anagram of WANTS ARM
20 HORNET Wood-chewing insect ruined throne (6) 
Anagram of THRONE
21 BIG DEAL Bad leg (I collapsed) but so what? (3,4) 
Anagram of BAD LEG I
22 HOMAGE Silver placed in residence as a demonstration of respect (6) 
Silver = AG, residence = HOME
23 DEFTLY Democratic leader – sort of lefty – with notable skill (6) 
Democratic leader = D + anagram of LEFTY
25 TROVE Treasure hidden by Castro verified (5) 
Hidden word