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Crossword 1113 answers and explanations

8/15 EARLY RISER This person started an ancient rebellion for a lark (5,5) 
Double definition
9 ECONOMIST Gareth Morgan for example is damaging to incomes (9) 
Anagram of TO INCOMES
11 INTONES Chants dispelled tension (7) 
Anagram of INTONES
12 DESKTOP Some French king with highest level work surface (7) 
Some French = DES, king = K, highest leval = TOP
13 IMMIGRATE Maritime mishap going around Gisborne Head, so settle here (9) 
Anagram of MARITIME including G ("Gisborne Head")
15   (See 8) 
crazy = MAD, ON, sodium = NA
16 MADONNA Ms Ciccone goes crazy on sodium (7) 
Become unwell = AIL, nurse = TEND
19 TAIL END Become unwell when embraced by nurse, and stern (4,3) 
Hidden word
20 NICER Some volcanic eruptions appear more acceptable (5) 
Anagram of RAT LIABLE
21 BILATERAL Rat liable to vacillate, taking two sides (9) 
Anagram of SO CLEAR
25 ORACLES Seers can become so clear (7) 
Took the chair = SAT, A, knight = N (chess), in charge = IC
26 SATANIC Took the chair, a knight in charge being very evil (7) 
Queer = RUM, afterthought = PS, tropical hardwood = TEAK
28 RUMP STEAK Queer afterthought: tropical hardwood makes beef (4,5) 
Cryptic definition
29 NIECE She has an aunt (5) 
1 GEMINI Twins for example flipped small car (6) 
for example = EG, flipped = reversal indicator, small car = MINI
2 PRO TEM By which one can learn stuff off by heart during afternoon, but just for the meantime (3,3) 
By which one can learn stuff off by heart = ROTE, afternoon = PM
3 CYAN A bit of iron-deficiency anaemia makes you blue (4) 
Hidden word
4 GEISHA He is running around in Georgia with an entertaining woman from Osaka (6) 
Anagram of HE IS inside GA ("Georgia")
5 COLD FEET Code left unsolved? If you work it out you will gain no courage (4,4) 
Anagram of CODE LEFT
6 CONSTRAINT Carton isn't designed to be a hindrance (10) 
Anagram of CARTON ISNT
7 DISTASTE Test said to be wrong, resulting in aversion (8) 
Anagram of TEST SAID
10 TAPERED Record commie becoming gradually thinner (7) 
Record = TAPE, commie = RED
14 GENERALISE Infer senior officer is English (10) 
senior office = CENERAL + IS + E ("English")
16 MAN HOUR Human or hybrid measure of work (3,4) 
Anagram of HUMAN OR
17 DECLAIMS Makes a rousing speech confusing medical scientists initially (8) 
Anagram of MEDICAL + scientisrs inditiallly = S
18 AMBUSHED Waylaid and made to wander around backcountry (8) 
Anagram of MADE including BUSH ("backcountry')
22 LUSAKA African city, capital of Liberia with American alias (6) 
capital of LIBERIA = L, American = US, alias = AKA
23 RENTER Tenant has right to get in (6) 
right = R. occupy = ENTER
24 LACKEY Bootlicker has some black eye (6) 
Hidden word
27 TEND Show an inclination to keep watch on (4) 
Double definition