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Crossword 1116 answers and explanations

5 CLEAN Pure free lance (5) 
Anagram of LANCE
6 MACABRE Ghastly bra came undone (7) 
Anagram of BRA CAME
8 SNUGGEST Pole comes in to imply it is most cosy (8) 
Pole = N, imply = SUGGEST
9 RESIST "We Shall Overcome!" I start to sing during break (6) 
I + start to sing = S inside break = REST
10 ONTARIO Rain too badly, get a big lake (7) 
Anagram of RAIN TOO
11 INFORM Be a snitch during class (6) 
during = IN, class = FORM
13 ISLE Doris Lessing provides the setting for "A Little Bit of Land" (4) 
Hidden word
15 EBONY It's very black and hiding in the spider-web on your window (5) 
Hidden word
16 LADY It is not professional holding diamonds for such a woman (4) 
not professional = LAY, diamonds = D
17 ACTS UP Carries on and pretends to be winning (4,2) 
Double definition
18 ONE-EYED Partisan with a Nelsonian manner (3-4) 
Allusion to Horatio Nelson
21 IN VAIN Trendy and egotistical, but to no avail (2,4) 
Trendy = IN, egotistical = VAIN
23 INTERIOR Make tinier change or not on the outside (8) 
Anagram of TINIER + OR
24 SALIENT Prominent boxer once sent outside (7) 
boxer once = ALI inside SENT
25 ROWDY Wordy, disorderly and raucous (5) 
Anagram of WORDY
1 WEIGHTLESS No queueing required, I'm told, but it's insubstantial (10) 
Homophone for WAITLESS
2 ENDEAR Finish with Listener to become attractive (6) 
Finish = END, Listener = EAR
3 SCARCITY A shortage making mark on Napier, for example (8) 
mark = SCAR, Napier, for example = CITY
4 IBIS Some sort of bird in women's lib I see (4) 
Hidden word
5 CAN-DO The positive attitude seen in some individuals and in company (3-2) 
AND inside CO ("company")
6 METEOROLOGIST More toilets go wrong for a prognosticator (13) 
7 ENSURED Made certain end user is confused (7) 
Anagram of END USER
12 FULLY GROWN Adult wrongfully doctored (5,5) 
14 SECONDS Extra servings of inferior goods (7) 
Double definition
15 EXPENDED Former head of police finished being paid out (8) 
Former = EX, head of police = P, finished = ENDED
19 EATERY Eye rat running around restaurant (6) 
Anagram of EYE RAT
20 DOOZY Day with a missing animal park back in its place: a strikingly unique thing (5) 
Day with a missing = DY, animal park back = OOZ
22 AXLE Left occupying chopper in revolutionary centre (4) 
Left = L inside AXE ("chopper")